A New All-in-one Workplace Platform in Google Suite is under test – confirmed!

Like the tech giant’s Microsoft Office 365 suite app and Slack’s fashionable workplace instant messaging app, Google is also aiming towards developing its new workplace platform. According to a report, the company is currently mounting towards unifying its workplace enterprise solutions platforms, which it already has and operates independently.

The company is said to be developing and currently testing its all-in-one platform that will be combining different services provided by Google. These services may include enterprise-grade solutions such as Gmail, Drive, Hangouts, and other parts of G-Suite that fall under the corporate class category.


According to the report, Hangouts, which was once a consumer-based communications platform, was further reallocated towards enterprise consumers. Still, the platform is apportioned into different apps, including Hangouts Meet for video chat and Hangouts Chat for text-based messaging.

And now, the company is looking forward to unifying its convoluted messaging services and enterprise solutions in a single platform. However, the existing ecosystem of Google’s Suite apps is confounding, which could be the next move of the company to streamline its services and take on its competitors (Microsoft Office 365, Slack, and Teams).

Its competitors Slack and Teams are prevalent among enterprise-grade solutions and provide an exceptional level of collaboration between different workplaces. Although Google, too, includes business solutions but lacks features and integrations that other platforms offer.

With the next step towards combining all productivity tools and several messaging apps in one platform, Google is opening up possibilities for its enterprise customers to get more beneficial collaboration opportunities.

Apart from its business solution apps and services, the consumer services list, which includes Android RCS-based chat app Google Duo for video chat, Google’s custom SMS apps, and Google Voice, are also the part of convoluted G-Suite ecosystem. Besides, other than the splitting of Hangouts Meet and Chat, the single Hangouts platform still exists, for no reason.

The rationale behind Google developing an all-in-one platform is its services are baffling and, in fact, some of which are not compatible with each other.

That’s the reason the company is focusing on the central collaboration of its productivity apps and services like Microsoft’s Teams and Slack. Both of these apps combine great features of productivity and seamlessly integrate with other workplace tools that Google lacks. So, ultimately, Google could be hoping to take on these platforms with moving this step forward.


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