A serious Windows 10 failure is tormenting millions of Microsoft users rationally!

Windows 10 has been creating a lot of problems for its users in the past few months. Microsoft itself has claimed many large issues and malware in Windows 10. And recently, the giant tech has launched a new update in Windows 10: KB4532693.

The update is carrying a serious system failure that is affecting millions of Microsoft users gradually. In recent months, there has been a high price to pay for users to upgrade their Windows versions, and that price is growing significantly. Although Microsoft still offers free upgrades, Windows 10 updates are a severe mess.

The latest Windows 10 update KB4532693, which was pushed as part of Microsoft’s Patch Tuesday program, is affecting millions of users by deleting user data. The update was globally pushed to millions of users, and the installs have been increasing for Windows alongside user frustration and anger.

The update is available as Cumulative Updates – Feb 11, 2020, on Microsoft community which includes:

There are 109 replies to this blogpost on Microsoft community, each user specifying and indicating the trouble they are facing with this update.

Here are some of them!

WayneTerry2, a user on Microsoft Blogspot replies –

“Hello.  Sorry to post a random question here, but a bit new at this.  Just installed the latest Feb 2020 Windows 10 updates.  Upon completion it appears to have reset the display to default windows system.  That is, all custom icons missing, background returned to the windows logo, would not recognize my logon, set a temp logon.

I had to uninstall the latest updates to return to previous good operation and display.  Any ideas?  FYI.  Two of my neighbors had the same issue, and we had to uninstall this update.

Thank you for your time and support.


Another user TimothyHelm1 adds to Wayne sentence –


Just to let you know that I am having the same problem, once the update has been installed, I can log in to my account. Have had to uninstall this update.

is there anybody who can solve this problem.


RobertSell replied –

“Installing this update trashed my user profile and created a temp. Uninstalling, it returned my user profile to near normal. I tried installing it a 2nd time with the same results.  Also, it reinstalled One Drive (which I don’t use) and started migrating files to the cloud after it demanded I log in with my Microsoft account. So, I uninstalled it again and restored my original user profile. After the 2nd install and removal, Outlook was trashed as well and had to be fixed. Does Microsoft even test these updates before they push them out?”

“This update KB4532693 caused all the data on my laptop to be erased. Even after uninstalling the update, the laptop would not successfully boot. Then “Resetting” the laptop to factory settings while choosing to keep all personal data erased everything. EVERYTHING. This is a major screw up. Unbelievable,” a random user posted.

The new update problem

Forbes noticed, “What happens to affected users is KB4532693 removes their Windows account, settings and files and replaces it with a temporary account. Some users have got their profiles back through uninstalling the update from this account and doing multiple restarts. Still, for others, their data is simply gone, and even using Windows Recovery to restore their computers to earlier versions has not worked.”

What can be done?

Users are advised to download Microsoft’s Windows Update Troubleshooter as it helps in the prevention of reinstalling updated that may halt the PC. Besides, it also hides the problematic updates from users so it can be restricted from being installed.

Moreover, this has not been so essential before, but looking back at affected users who have lost their data and some of them even cannot migrate to the older versions, it’s best to download the troubleshooter.


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