Android 11: Google released the first developer preview; Everything you need to know!

So finally, here comes the Android 11 first developer preview that is momentarily on a rollout by Google. Its interesting this time Google had released the first developer preview out of its release cycle, which usually falls in the month of March. But this time, its the earliest Google have done developer preview like this.

Google’s new upcoming operating system, Android 11, is available for all the developers to preview and suggest what can be done to make it even more better. The rollout is not for routine or regular Android users, and it is recommended that users, except developers, must not install Android 11 on their phones as this can wipe out all of your data.

Here’s the Android 11 developer preview first look:

Android 11: overview so far…

Android 11 is here, and typically Google says the next version of its mobile operating system includes some fantastic and useful features which are not front-facing but giant tech company promises to make some significant changes. It includes:

  • Enhancements for foldable phones and screen types
  • Improved support for 5G
  • New camera capabilities
  • Better privacy features
  • More intuitive interface

and a lot more…!

Apart from that, the first developer preview including system images as well as GSI files for Android 11 are now available to download for Pixel 2, 3, 3A, or 4 and/or maybe XL versions of the phone.

Meanwhile, Google has also unveiled its rollout timeline for upcoming stable ROM builds:

  • February: Android 11 Developer Preview 1
  • March: Android 11 Developer Preview 2
  • April: Android 11 Developer Preview 3
  • May: Android 11 Beta 1
  • June: Android 11 Beta 2
  • Q3 2020: Android 11 Beta 3
  • Q3 2020: Android 11 final build

Android 11: Features

Bubble icon

Bubbles were usually meant for smooth interaction between user and different chat apps to instantly access the messages and reply at the same time without being distorted in another application. For now, Google has made this feature available for its messaging app only, and soon we can expect the same for other chat apps like WhatsApp and Messenger.

Screen and display enhancements

For Android 11, several screens such as waterfall and hole-punch are supported. Making it easier for developers to customize their apps and services so that they can make a meaningful connection with curved areas.

Direct copy/paste images into Gboard

The ability to attach pictures using the copy or paste to notification inline answers is another beneficial functionality that Android 11 provides. Users can copy Chrome images and add them to their rapid responses via Gboard, starting with the first Android 11 Developer Preview.

App permissions

Android 11 will add the option of just giving your camera, microphone and location data temporary apps permission which is just a simple addition to the new operating system but will make Android more secure. 

The Verge notably addressed other features:

  • Automated dark mode toggles
  • A new Motion Sense gesture for the Pixel 4 to play or pause music
  • An “increased touch sensitivity” setting for the Pixel 4, meant for use with screen savers
  • The option to pin apps to the top of the share sheet is back from the Android 10 beta.
  • Turning on aeroplane mode no longer disconnects Bluetooth audio connections.
  • XDA Developers reports that there’s also a hidden new screenshot UI, but it’s not enabled by default (or fully functional yet).


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