Apple is shutting all stores and offices in China | Temporarily from 9th Feb

For now that Coronavirus is escalating highly in mainland China and its impact, many of the large corporate offices and brands have temporarily suspended to continue their services in China.

The outbreak of this virus has infected almost 10,000 people globally with a death rate of 200 numbers and counting. Besides, the Coronavirus has been declared as a global public health emergency by the United States, and several countries have currently stopped every sort of business transaction or link with China to limit this virus being expelled and help them to cover up things slowly.

And with time getting worse for China, the country’s market share is also declining to lead a massive impact on the country’s economy. China is the hub for technology and business and big brands like Apple and Nintendo, who consoles China says that the CoronavirusCoronavirus is already impacting their business.

Apple has now decided to no longer operate its business activities in China, temporarily including corporate offices, stores, warehouses, and service centers. The company has made a statement that from the 9th of Feb, it will shut down all its stores and offices in China as Coronavirus affects growing with time. Although the company also said that its online store would be continuing to work.

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman officially posted the statement of Apple closing all its stores on Twitter:

 The Verge says –

“It’s not clear if Apple’s Chinese factories, run by Foxconn, will also be shutting down and more factory workers dismissed. We’ve asked both Apple and Foxconn. As of Tuesday, Foxconn told us it would still be operating on a holiday schedule and didn’t anticipate any impact in production.”

Followingly, many airline services have also suspended their route flights to China due to the adverse effects of Coronavirus being spread to other regions. In this fall out time, Indian Embassy and other countries are also helping their citizens by rescuing them from the virus and medical treatment.

However, it is said that there is no antidote for Coronavirus, but still, govt are helping their citizens as well as supporting China in extreme situations.


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