11 Application of Computer in Agriculture

The applicability of computers in the field of Agriculture is also known as Digital farming. In this, we use advanced technologies to enhance crop yields, scale down costs and boost productivity. These advanced technologies are used to gather and resolve data on all things.

Example: weather pattern, soil moisture, plant health, etc.

The aim of digital farming is to learn about planting, Irrigation, Fertilization, Harvesting, improvement in crop yield and increase profitability. The application of computers in agriculture has grown faster over the past few years. It is expected that in the coming years, computers will continue to play an important role in farming.

There are some ways in which computers play important role in agriculture, some examples are given below.

Application of Computer in Agriculture

  1. Exactness Agriculture: It is also known as precision agriculture. In this, we use GPS and other advanced technologies to exact map and monitor crop fields and it allows farmers to improve irrigation and fertilization.
  2. Crop Prediction: To predict plant health and yield they are using computer simulation and after knowing this information farmers can make the right decision about planting and harvesting.
  3. Livestock or Animal Farming: To monitor the health, behavior location of animals, food consumption, and well-being they are using sensors and other advanced technologies. After getting this facility farmers can optimize feeding and breeding etc.
  4. Weather Monitoring: There are computer models to predict and monitor weather patterns. By which farmers can plan and respond to changes in climate.
  5. Agricultural Marketing: By using e-commerce and digital platforms, farmers and consumers can connect directly. These are being used to accomplish the agricultural supply chains more capable and transpicuous. Agricultural marketing plays an important role in connecting farmers and consumers.
  6. Green House Management: There are computer systems by which farmers can monitor and control the situation in the greenhouse. Example: Temperature, Humidity, and optimizing plant health.
  7. Disease or Pests Control: There are computer systems by which farmers can track the expansion of pests and diseases in crops. And also make strategies to control them.
  8. Satellite and aerial imagery are used to collect information about plant health and humidity etc, that can help farmers make more efficient decisions.
  9. There are computer models that can help in the optimization of breeding and also can help in improvement in the health and productivity of animals.
  10. Automatic Machinery Farming: There is computer-controlling farming machinery that is used to automate works such as planting, spraying, harvesting, etc. It can reduce labor costs and also farming will become more profitable.
  11. There are computer systems to analyze data and provide information for planting, fertilization, Irrigation, and other management to the farmers.

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