Bitmozi TV – A Cartoon Series Soon Launching by Snapchat

A personalized cartoon show/ series is soon to be launch by Snapchat in February 2020 with a global release.

Snapchat finally found doors to halt squandering of its most popular feature Bitmoji Avatar by expanding it into a full-motion cartoon series, Bitmozi TV. Until now Bitmozi Avatar was diminishing just into the chat stickers and comic strip-style stories but Snapchat revolutionalized it beyond just a feature of an in-app house.

Watch the trailer!

We all know Facebook copied all core features of Snapchat Discover. Besides, Facebook also launched a competitor ‘Watch’ with augmented reality selfie stickers and same ephemeral (one day lasting) messaging features.

Further, Instagram stories also blocked Snapchat’s growth from the past few years stealing the broadcasting communication. Although now Snapchat has a new way for the expansion of its Bitmoji feature that can’t be copied by other platforms.

By creating original in-house shows Snapchat ensures that its platform distinguishes from the surplus of video platforms including TikTok, YouTubes, and others. By developing a new TV cartoon series for Snapchat Discover it looks for upgrading the app in an animation style that catches the eyes of users and draws a click.

Additionally, with Bitmozi TV, your Avatar and your connections Avatar will appear in the regularly pre-scheduled genre of short video films. This may include the crew of Star Trek spaceship adventures, romantic drama, tech fictions, sci-fi, and various others. Snapchat clearly specifies its next feature front face in the above trailer.

The Snapchat’s show page also displays the Bitmozi TV note coming in Feb 2020; whereas users can visit on the mobile app to subscribe for Bitmozi TV and switch on the notifications for upcoming updates.

Moreover, Snapchat doesn’t reveal anything much about its new project and a Snap Spokesperson said – “Bitmoji TV isn’t available in your network yet, but stay tuned for the global premiere soon!”

A TechCrunch Reporter says – “Two years ago I wrote that Facebook was crazy not to be competing with Bitmoji too. Six months later we were first to report Facebook Avatars was in the works, and this year they launched as Messenger chat stickers in Australia with plans for a global release in 2019 or early 2020. But Facebook’s slow movement here, Google’s half-assed entry, and Twitter’s lack of an attempt have given Snapchat’s Bitmoji a massive headstart. And now Snap is finally leveraging it.”


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