Blog vs Vlog – Difference Between Blog and Vlog

Here, in this article, you will learn about the difference between blog and vlog.

Why Vlogs and Blogs are Used?

Blog and vlog are two powerful mediums of communication who always counterchallenge each other. A Blog and Vlog are a record of activity or a topic, in simple language, you can consider these two things either as a digital diary or journal and these can be used by any individual, organization or brand.

The common target of these two segments is to pull the maximum amount of traffic to the respective website. These websites can be personal and majorly for promoting a business. Both the segment generate revenue for the host, owner, or organization. It’s very difficult to decide which medium is better for which business.


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Difference Between Blog and Vlog

Blog Definition:

difference between Blogs and vlogs

A blog is a website that allows users to share opinions, reflect, and discuss various topics in the form of journals, news or articles. Users who handle blogs are called Bloggers. The blog was adapted from the word “Weblog” and that was invented in the initial ’90s (between 1990-1991) to define a website used by people to write a kind of blog.

A few years later the term blog was adopted and became more popular among people. One of the qualities that started to separate a blog from different sites is that the content appears in reverse chronological order, the most up to date first. A blogger creates its content in a written form.

Something that is currently regular in different administrations, especially social networks. Bloggers utilize different website platforms, for example, WordPress, Weebly, Wix, Blogger, Tumblr among others to plan and deal with their Blogs.

Vlog Definition:

difference between Blogs and vlogs

Vlog is a weblog that utilizes video as its essential introduction group. Users who handle Vlogs are called Vloggers who use site stages like Ziggeo, YouTube, WordPress, or Medium among different locales to plan and deal with their Vlogs.

With the appearance of video platforms, especially YouTube, vloggers started to emerge, that is, people with a video blog, who were not writing instead, they were telling the camera their ideas, thoughts, opinions, and assessments on any topic. Numerous Vloggers have become famous and their major audience is teenagers. Vloggers are expressing their ideas and making content using videos. Vlogs are just a video version of Blogs.

What do we need to make a blog?

Bloggers need a website and that can be created at very nominal cost including the cost of hosting and domain. Once they are ready with that, immediately they can start writing and publishing their articles or their views on any topic.

They only need a computer, a website and a good internet connection. If they want to follow the traditional method they are going to need a pen and a piece of paper. Bloggers need to understand that they have written a catchy content that can hold their viewers, so they have to make sure that content is interesting and tending.

It does not mean that they can write anything to make it an interesting article. Besides, it is supposed to be true and relatable to people who are going to see that.

What do we need to make a vlog?

As its pretty obvious Vloggers represent their content using videos. It means they need appropriate video production tools or equipment’s to complete their work. Usually, they have a complete set of respective tools that are directly proportional to the quality of video they want to achieve. The basic need of Vloggers starts with a camera for video, mic for audio and their supporting equipment like tripod or gorilla pod to provide stability in the video. If they are shooting indoor which leads them to the expense of lighting and Costly background. In some video the also needs hair and makeup artists. The last but not the least A good quality paid video editing software or you can also make a video online for free using some great video creation tool available just a click away.

Blog Niche

Blog niche ideas

Bloggers are confused that what should they write about. So, here are a couple of points which can exactly explain from where to start:

Look upon your passion

The simplest way to start writing is to start writing about your passion. If the Blogger is passionate about something it can be his masterstroke or an earlier fling. Also, this is going to be his area of interest so he will explain the best.

Complete the Blogs you read

As a Blogger you also read some blogs and you have an inbuilt gut that will show you that what was missing in that blog. Blogger needs to fill the void by writing those things which he thought were missing.

Teach what you know

If a Blogger is knowledgeable about any particular topic, then he can use his knowledge to help others. There would be something in his life on which his family, friends & peers would always take his advice. It could be decoration, cooking, or anything, it will be his core competency to share the knowledge.

Solution vs Problem

A wise man said the business always runs like a lock and key. It’s just you have to understand the value of a lock and the need for its key. Problems respected to anything will be the lock and its solution will be the key. It will pull the organics mass of traffic when you choose the right lock and help people with its key.

Show what you are learning

It’s an unfortunate mindset that most of the bloggers think that they have to be an expert in a given specific field to be a blogger. But if you share your journey that what you have learned and the difficulties you have faced so far to learn in that field, it can pull similar traffic as compared to an expert in the same field.

Vlog Niche

Vlog niche

Every Vlogger in the world has the same question for themselves – “What is the best idea to make a channel more popular?” And to make this happen they need to pull some experiments and think out of the box.

Here are some good ideas that can help you to do so:

How-to Videos

A huge number of people use various online platforms for tutorials. Vloggers should take advantage of that fact and also if they know a lot about certain things. They can also create some ‘how-to videos” to represent their knowledge and expertise for their audience. They just have to understand that there is a need for using the same method of lock and key. If they catch the exact lock the respective key will be the first step to their success.

Challenges Video 

Vloggers have to understand that the latest trending challenges are the hottest recipe to serve their audience. But they have to use the basic idea of the challenge with a unique approach of execution. If they understand the entire agenda behind that challenge and the respective video gets viral, it can provide them a new height in the Vlogging world over a night’s span. 

Rant about topics that annoys

People find enthusiastic individuals inspiring, so don’t be hesitant to invest a few feelings in your videos. You can make a rant video about things you feel annoying that will take you to YouTube fame. Our suggestion is to do that only in case you’re exceptionally acquainted with the subject. You can’t tell about the things that you know nothing and will sound like uninformed, yet your crowd won’t care about what you’re talking about. Instead, they should be highlighting the things they are expert at.

Interviewing a Celebrity

Vloggers can make a video with any famous individual and it will pull in an enormous number of viewers. If you manage to make an interview with a celebrity, your views are guaranteed to go up extremely fast. Unfortunately, this is much easier said than done. The truth of the matter is that celebs would prefer not to offer interviews to every random person. To get the opportunity to converse with them, they have to have enormous popularity among their audience. The most ideal approach to connect with them is through destinations like Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

Be Unique

Regardless of the specialty of any channel, it can be certain there are hundreds and thousands of other vloggers already dealing with it. On the off chance that you need to get popular, you have to stick out. Nobody needs to observe simply one more vlogger who recounts to a similar story as every other person.

Finding a one of a kind subject, with no opposition, yet with an enormous enthusiasm of the viewers is almost impossible. A superior arrangement is a thought of the Vlogging style that is diverse to their rivals. For example, be a ridiculous interviewer whose primary theme is hip-hop.

Making Money through Blogs and Vlogs

If your blog manages to attract a substantial number of visitors and is found useful to them, then you may start making good money. There are too many means of generating money through blogging such as product marketing, sponsored posts, AdSense, Affiliate Marketing, and many others.

You can do this by identifying and winning arrangements for your commercial customers. But it can be a challenging and time-consuming process.

Whereas, with Google AdSense, you can earn money from Vlogging. Upon allowing Google to display advertisements on your YouTube videos, you can monetize your YouTube Channel easily and effortlessly.

Sponsorship is another popular way to raise revenue from your Youtube page.  Sponsors are very well-known for investing in promotion and endorsements of their brands onto popular channels with a wide number of viewers. YouTube channels with high popularity are paid with a handsome amount

Basis Of Comparison



BasicIncludes written contentIncludes videos
PlatformWordPress, Tumblr, Drupal, ZoomlaYoutube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Viddler
started in19902000
BudgetLess expensiveExpensive due to the type of equipment used
AudienceMore comparativelyIntermediate
Additional contextOften use of GIF or audio filesOnly video format
The personal touch of the creatorPrecise use of words which can bound the viewerThe expression or immediate reaction can pull the audience easily

The Final Takedown

Bloggers have been doing blogging since the online market came into existence. Besides, Vlogging has been evolved around the past few years. Thanks to the rising technology and upgrading world that creators are now able to push their minds beyond potential.

These two online activities hold the same motive of delivering the content to end-users and help them in achieving their goals. The only major difference is their way of how they express to their visitors. Blogging summarizes and provides detail on each concept. On the other hand, Vlogging visualizes each aspect.

Hope you find this brief guide on the difference between blog and vlog helpful. If you have any other queries related, please feel free to contact us in the comment box below.

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