Digital Jewellery – Overview, Uses and Types

Jewellery is something that adorns the human body or is worn to impress others. There is no or very little practical purpose in wearing jewellery. Humans wear jewellery for many reasons such as for aesthetic purposes; for following rituals; for presenting themselves; or maybe for any other reason.

What if I tell you the new age pieces of jewellery are now embedded with the intelligence of mobile computing to help resolve your problems.

Isn’t it sounds exciting?

The digital world is also changing our living patterns into digital wellbeing of life. Till now, we were supposed to carry digital instruments with us. Now, mobile computing devices has changed the shape of technology by optimizing it to become minimalistic in size.

We cannot carry every digital tool with us and sometimes it feels awkward carrying such things. So why carry! instead, wear them on your body parts.

Yes, it’s true!

In the next age of computing, there will be a dramatic change in the fashion of jewellery. The digital jewellery would now adorn the human bodies and they will be enchanted wearing such jewellery with the practical uses.

What is Digital Jewellery?


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Digital Jewellery is the new fashion trend replacing the old traditional fashion of jewellery with its practical uses. Digital jewellery can also be considered as the replacement of mobile phones. This jewellery embeds mobile intelligence to take a new form in mobile computing technology.

Moreover, their uses can also be extended as that of mobile phones. The purpose of introducing digital jewellery was to make computer elements entirely compatible with human body parts.

By doing this, there will be a new era of smartphones with no physical form. Each different piece of jewellery would work as one or the other component of mobile devices. For example, earing would work as a receiver, rings as a microphone, watches as notifications, etc.

This is how digital jewellery would replace the carrying of micro-computers into wearing them on our bodies.

Uses of Digital Jewellery

  • Digital Jewellery would minimize the use of a driving license, debit/credit cards, business cards, identity cards, personal cards, etc.
  • It would eliminate carrying of micro-computers by wearing them on different body parts
  • The pieces of digital jewellery will be the next fashion trend with the intelligence of mobile computing for resolving your daily problems
  • Digital Jewellery would also work as an assistant storing all our accounts passwords, details, and sensitive information
  • Digital Jewellery can also be worn in old traditional styles representing the same authentic era of traditional jewellery
  • Also, it will help humans to reduce the use of smartphones while always staying connected digitally

Digital Jewellery Components

Digital Jewellery could be made of any variety of materials and sizes including plastic, rubber, metal, and glass. Also, the jewellery may range from LED segments to OLED and Dot-matrix to LCDs or any other displays.

The various components comprising a mobile phone including a microprocessor, speaker, receiver, touchpad, display, battery, etc. will be separated in each part of jewellery connected through a wireless connection with a sensor.

Types of Digital Jewellery

Below enlisted are some of the common digital jewellery items inspired from traditional pieces of jewellery:

Ear Ring


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The digital earring comprises a speaker that helps the user to know about receiving emails, messages, and phone calls. These digital earrings are fashionable as well as trendy in look with the perfect use of getting notified for any updates.

The earring is connected by Bluetooth to mobile or any other similar device which enhances user to stay on the top for any update. This may be useful in a way that sometimes when you are in a party or loud music you will be directly notified in your ears.



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The digital ring is perhaps the most interesting piece of jewellery with the perfect use for those who always need to stay on phone calls. It flashes led light on incoming calls and notifies you about how important or from whom you are receiving the call.

The best thing, it can also be programmed to display different colours to identify the caller on the other side. Also with the help of a digital ring, you can identify the importance of call that needs to be picked up on the right time.



The digital necklaces are an important piece of jewellery as through necklace you can respond to any incoming signal. The necklace embeds a microphone which works with the help of sensors present inside the necklace.

The information or data transferred through the necklace are in the form of digital signals connected through Bluetooth technology. With digital jewellery, you not only get notified for your notifications and incoming calls you can also respond to them immediately.



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The digital bracelets and watches have already been in trend for the past few years. The bracelet or watch is comprised of a display with battery and sensors to notify users for an incoming call or message. The watch vibrates and displays the caller ID from whom you will receive the call or message.

Moreover, the watch is connected through a Bluetooth connection and comes rechargeable battery and lamp flash. Not limited, there are also many watches developed for fitness and health-conscious purpose determining the number of calories burnt or gained, number of steps walked, heartbeat pulse, etc.


So these were some of the digital jewellery you may find around used by many humans. You can also use them to simplify your daily life and make more productive work out of it. The use of wearable technology is increasing day by day and the computer elements are becoming more minimalistic that are compatible with the human form.

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