‘Don’t Doubt Ur Vibe’ – Tech billionaire Elon Musk releases new EDM track on SoundCloud & Spotify

While Tesla and SpaceX are on fire and the latest reports of strengthening Tesla profits and revenues, Elon Musk is also on a roll.

The tech entrepreneur and engineer who is the CEO of ever-growing Tesla and SpaceX recently dropped a new EDM track on music platforms SoundCloud and Spotify. It might feel unlikely to receive a music track from an engineer and entrepreneur, but the internet’s most popular and favorite billionaire is just rolling his own lyrics.

Musk already announced about his new track ‘Don’t Doubt Ur Vibe,’ which he has penned himself is soon to be released on Emo G Records. But again, it was not sure at the time if he was serious or just having a good entertainment time.

And guess what?

It turns out he was serious, and through his official Twitter account, he was teasing the music, which seems like we don’t have to wait long to hear the track.

Followingly, the track is a followup to Musk’s first single RIP Harambe, that paid homage to the beloved Cincinnati Zoo gorilla that suffered an untimely death, says The Verge. Check out this official post by Musk on Twitter:

Now, you can listen to the track yourself, which is entirely backed by EDM music. You might also like the track because it’s impulsive with EDM beats and might not. Overall, it’s the right track and not bad at all. Well, you can judge yourself by listening here.

While recording this track, Musk also posted photos of himself on Twitter inside the studio and shared that the process of putting together the song was maybe harder than he’d anticipated.

These are those pictures that he posted while he was mixing the song in studio:

Besides, it didn’t take much time for him to pen the lyrics as the whole song consists of “Don’t doubt your vibe / because it’s true /don’t doubt your vibe / because it’s you” echoed over and over. Further, he also added – “I performed the lyrics, which are modified and distorted to an airy electronic, supernatural-sounding final product.”


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