GIF Full Form – Overview and Uses

Do you know what the full form of GIF is?

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You might be sending or receiving GIFs from your friends and family on auspicious occasions and events. It is a type of image or we can say that live image (similar to that of an iPhone) without audio.

Like many of us get GIFs in our inbox wishing Happy Diwali with live or moving image. Or someone is sending congratulations GIF on accomplishing any task. I hope now you have got it.

So, let’s see what GIF is, full form of GIF, and its uses.

GIF Full Form


Image Source

Full form of GIF is Graphical Interchange Format

In 1987, a team of Bulletin Board Service at CompuServe developed GIF. Steve Wilhite was the supervisor, and under his guidance, GIF came into existence. A GIF is a bitmap format of image that is hugely used on the World Wide Web for animation and still photographs.

It develops the file type with extension .gif, which is small and compact. Also, GIFs are much easier to share on any platform. A GIF is an 8-bit format which means it can hold 256 colours, and these colours can be mixed to form new colours. The idea behind its development was to enable a platform-independent image.

Because of the compact size and portability, GIFs are trendy on the internet. Besides, GIF is a type of non-audible video clip which replays until we stop it. Moreover, it is considered to best for an image that needs an animation, line art images, and images with large flat areas.

Version of GIF

There are two versions or standards of GIF:

  • GIF 87a – It came into existence in 1987
  • GIF 89a – This version is the standard version which is currently in use. It came into existence in 1989

Purposes (Uses) of GIF

  • GIFs are mainly suitable for images with a limited amount of colours such as logos
  • Moreover, GIF uses a simplified technique of compressing any image known as LZW technique. So, there is no risk of loss of data
  • Also, GIFs are the source of animation in games
  • In addition, GIFs get blend with website background as it has a transparent background
  • GIFs are beneficial in making small animations and low-resolution video clips

Some Cool Examples of GIFs        chanel1


GIF Full Form sale




So, these were some knowledgable facts such as the full form of GIF, overview, versions, and uses. If we have left something behind, then please do let us know in the comment box below.

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