Google might introduce a new News product to pay publishers for content

Google might start paying news publishers for including their content in a News product of Google chain. The company is reportedly talking to publishers, says Wall Street Journal on giving potential pay for adding their content.

Maybe a new News product in the Google ecosystem!

The talk on this subject is outside the United States, mainly in France and Europe, Reuters said. Currently, Google is battling over a copyright law that requires tech companies to pay to preview articles with news organizations, specifically in Europe and France.

In response, Google said that the company would not pay, and alternatively, it will be changing the manner of displaying news.

Previously, in 2018 and before, Google has struggled to make a news product battling with fake news, and to combat the issue it launched a Google News Initiative, which supports the media industry by fighting misinformation and bolstering journalism.

The company pass on its statement:

“We want to help people find quality journalism—it’s important to informed democracy and helps support a sustainable news industry. We care deeply about this and are talking with partners, and looking at more ways to expand our ongoing work with publishers, building on programmes like our Google News Initiative.”

It wouldn’t be the first time Google paying publishers for including their content in potential news product. The Verge following the company actions said, “Last year, the tech company began licensing audio news from publishers like ABC, CheddarThe Associated Press, CNN, Fox News Radio, PBS, Reuters, WYNC, and a bunch of local radio stations. Google pays the companies to create audio in a specific format that works with Google Assistant.”


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