Intel to Introduce New 5 GHz 10th Gen Mobile Gaming Processors & New Core i9 Ghost Canyon NUC

I know what you might be thinking. The 10th gen 5 GHz Mobile gaming processors, really?

Yeah, it’s not a joke. Intel is smashing into 5 GHz processors, which they recently announced will offer speeds above 5 GHz for the first time in smartphones. The processor yet to be named under H-series will be delivering robust performance than the current Core i9-9980HK flagship.



Also, the new core i9 processors would, even more, amaze with its performance and offer up to eight cores and 16 threads with zenith boost speed considerably beyond 5GHz. The new 10th gen processors are likely to improve the smartphone experience and will bring an evolution in the mobile processors.

Intel made their statement at CES that they will be smashing the new heights of 5 GHz processor with its upcoming core H-series processors. Intel also divulges that “its not surprising we are reaching beyond that speed and it was precisely expected.”

Instead, the most crucial part is how they are going to offer these processors in budget devices.

The best part!

Intel claims its new 10th gen processors will likewise surmount strongly across eight cores. Moreover, users will see a significant boost in performance. Additionally, with new processors, users can expect i9 chips to be considerably faster than others.

Apart from that, Intel has also announced its latest Ghost Canyon NUC that will offer core i5, Core i7, and Core i9 processors. Besides, the NUC will be the first supporting external installation of discrete graphics cards.


Also, it will allow end-users to upgrade the CPU. The new NUC will come in a much larger case than those NUCs in the past. The latest design is announced resting at five litres. In addition, it will also be offering early photos points at an integrated PSU as well as dual-slot GPU support.

For now, Intel hasn’t disclosed any other details about its upcoming processors, but there are plenty of new things to come. Stay tuned with us to get the latest updates.


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