Microsoft officially releases new Xbox Series X specs, take a closer look

“What you can expect from the next generation of gaming,” is how Microsoft is teasing its new Xbox Series X features and specs. It’s been a long time since Microsoft has officially announced the arrival of Xbox Series X. And finally, the company has formally released its next-generation Xbox gaming features and specs in detail.

From the date when it was announced Xbox Series X would arrive soon, pro gamers are eagerly waiting to take on their hands on this beast. Besides, various leaks also suggested that the new Xbox will indeed be the most powerful gaming console ever built.

Phil Spencer, Head of Xbox in a blog post, said, “We’ve been using Xbox Series X in our internal Takehome program and are energized by the feedback we’ve been receiving. At Xbox, we value being open and transparent with you, and I’m proud to be able to share details about some of the technologies we are enabling for the next generation, and look forward to boldly sharing more as we head towards E3.”

Here’s what the company revealed for its new Xbox Series X.


Spencer writes, “Xbox Series X represents a superior balance of power and speed in console design” than previous Xbox. He added on comparing with the previous generation, the new Xbox advances in technological fronts for producing astonishing, dynamic, living worlds and minimize any aspects that can take you out of the experience.

The new Xbox Series X next-generation custom processor is the most powerful console with AMD’s latest Zen 2 and RDNA 2 architectures. Spencer confirms in the official post that it will be delivering 12 teraflops of GPU performance, which means four times the performance than Xbox One.

Hardware-accelerated DirectX Raytracing is the first time in any console gaming so you can expect more dynamic and realistic environments. Moreover, the upgraded VRS (variable Rate Sharing) will offer more stable frame rates and higher resolution with no impact on the image quality.

Some other features include:

  • SSD storage
  • Quick resume (lets you continue multiple games from a suspended state almost instantly)
  • Dynamic Latency Input (DLI synchronizes input immediately with what is displayed, controls are even more precise and responsive)
  • HDMI 2.1
  • 120 fps support
  • Smart delivery
  •  Xbox game pass

The next generation of game compatibility will be able to play titles that arrived on the Xbox 360 with higher visual fidelity and improved loading speeds. The central idea is backward compatibility, thanks to Microsoft for including this feature as there will be no developer work required.

“Xbox Series X is our fastest, most powerful console ever, designed for a console generation that has you at its center,” Spencer said. “We can’t wait to share more details about the new Xbox with you in the coming months.”


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