Quiet Quitting – New Workplace Trend Taking off on TikTok

This is a new trend on Tik-Tok for setting clear work-life boundaries. Staff suffering broad burnout say they have just stopped working too hard and taking care of themselves. Quiet Quitting is the new trend to establishing clear work-life boundings to reduce stress without actually being removed from the company payroll, as the name suggests. This new trend of Quiet-quitting triggers approx 4 million videos on tik-tok as well as articles from the websites.

Quiet Quitting Trend

Try “Quiet quitting” and beyond at work as Tik-Toker put in his video that ranked 3 million views and half a million likes. Nowadays every group a generation going through the workforce and soon realize that job is not a game and fun. The new generation has the Tik-Tok and hashtags to get emotional. Otherwise, the old generation also faced these situations and work stress.

According to a survey nowadays U.S. employee engagement is falling in comparison to the past few years.

#Quiet-Quitting ranges from consideration on shut down your computer in the evening at 5 o’clock. And spending more time with yourself, your family, and your loved ones.

Many Tik-Tok users and other people are giving their opinion on this trend. Some people are taking it positively and some negatively. And many people taking part in this Quiet Quitting trend. A Tik-Tok user and professional engineer Zaid khan posted a tik-tok video on this trend. This video got approx 3.5 million views in two weeks. He said that you are no longer accepting the rush-culture mentality that work should be your life.

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