Reddit CEO says the ‘TikTok app is essentially parasite,’ and advise users to remove their account

Recently, at the “Social 2030 event” during a committee discussion, Reddit CEO and co-founder Steve Huffman intriguingly called the TikTok app, is fundamentally parasitic. Steve expressed his concern towards TikTok users and recommended that they should never uninstall the app as he claims the app to be spyware.

TikTok is one of the worlds’ most popular apps with millions of active users and carries the tag of the ‘most-downloaded’ app in 2019, surpassing Facebook numbers, according to a recent report. Moreover, the app also has an extreme fan following, which makes the platform highly prevalent to all age group users.

Meanwhile, Reddit CEO seems not to be embossed with TikTok popularity and puts an exclamation on the app users. While the app has a lot of takers, TikTok has faced extreme negative vicinity because of its content. The app has recently revised its privacy and security settings after it was accused of promoting pornographic and prurient content on its platform. Besides, the app was also blamed for exposing children to sexual predators, which brings the storm of cloud to the platform.

At the Social 2030 event, while discussing with former Facebook VP of Product Sam Lessin and other corporate people, Huffman said, “Maybe I’m going to regret this, but I can’t even get to that level of thinking with them,” and calls the app fundamentally parasitic.

He also added, “Because I look at that app as so fundamentally parasitic, that it’s always listening, the fingerprinting technology they use is genuinely terrifying, and I could not bring myself to install an app like that on my phone. I actively tell people, ‘Don’t install that spyware on your phone,'” according to the report by India Today.

Related to this keynote, TikTok has added a new feature called “Family Safety Mode” to its app that will allow parents to keep an eye on their children’s activity on the app. Not limited to this, parents can also set limits on the child’s activity and restrict them to keep a safe environment.

To use this feature, parents will need to join TikTok and create their account. After personalizing their account, they can link to their kid’s account. However, giving parents to keep a tab on their child activities and even control to manage their activities, such as who their kids interact with.


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