Samsung Unpacked Event | Launch of Galaxy Z Flip and S20 series!

Every year in February, Samsung organizes its foremost event, which it calls “Samsung Unpacked” to unwrap its latest technology. The event lures several reporters, tech-savvy, analysts, and other industry folks who perceive the realm of the company’s latest flagship devices.

In 2018, Samsung annouced Galaxy S9 series, in 2019, it announced S10 series, and back in 2020, the company has added the new folding smartphone technology Galaxy Z Flip with its new S20 series (S11, 12,……,19; numbers eliminated).

Here’s the complete live streaming of 2020 Samsung Unpacked event:

Besides, if you don’t have an hour or more to spend, you can go through the main highlights of the event below.

The event took place in San Francisco on Feb 11, and here’s everything Samsung just announced at its Unpacked event and all you need to know. The event started introducing Galaxy Z Flip, blowing the minds of people with specs and feature Samsung incorporated.

Then moving further on the S20 series that showcases 108 MP camera, which was aired earlier by many news platforms proved to be exact! Samsung unveiled its all-new 100x zoom, and super steady video capturing was just mindblowing.

Galaxy Z Flip | Folding Smartphone

Galaxy z flip1

So finally, here it is! After a long compass of its leaks and rumors, Samsung’s folding device has now been officially announced. Calling it “Galaxy Z Flip,” Rebecca Hirst, head of UK mobile product marketing, took forward the launch of this gorgeous folding smartphone.

“You can check the time, notifications of a text or call, all the essentials are right there on the cover display. You can even take a selfie without opening up the phone, just hold out the camera and use the cover screen as a viewfinder. With this phone, we have done the impossible and creates an ultra-thin glass that folds,” says Rebecca.

Further, she also added – “Now you might think that foldable glass will break, but this glass is built to last. It protects your phone screen from scratches and is so durable that you can fold and unfold your phone over two hundred thousand times.”

Moreover, the company confirms that it should start shipping Galaxy Z Flip by Feb 14 for the base price of $1,400.

Galaxy S20 Series

Galaxy s20The S20 series will come in three variants: S20, S20 Plus, and S20 Ultra, as being the high-end flagship device from the other two featuring 108 MP camera. Samsung also claims that when it comes to the camera, we don’t compromise even a little. And with the launch of the S20 series, the camera has been redefined up to its fullest potential.

Camera difference between S20, S20 Plus, S20 Ultra

S20-camera-specs[Image Source]

Tech Crunch also confirms that “as a fun surprise, Samsung revealed midway through Unpacked that the live stream itself was being shot and streamed from S20s:”

The pricing unveiled for S20, S20 Plus, and S20 ultra is starting at $999, $1,199, and $1,399, respectively. Samsung says pre-orders should begin by Feb 21, with the devices hitting shelves on Mar 6.


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