Samsung’s Biggest Error at CES 2020, Copying Face ID Icon of Apple

Till the time, we’ve been continuously noting the worst mistakes companies are making during their CES keynote. Yet again, Samsung did follow the same lane of making mistakes, intentionally or otherwise, not clarified.


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Samsung, during its CES keynote, while going through a discussion on its investments into cybersecurity, did present a new face icon that was nearly imperceptible from that of Apple’s Face ID.

See the Twitter post by Parker Ortolani.

What iMore says about the icon.

iMore compared both of the symbols (Face ID) of Apple and Samsung and have made the following statement – “It seems that Samsung has just ripped off the Face ID icon and called it its own. Because of course, it has.”


This is how iMore compared to both the icons and made them distinguishable in their terms.

“They’re not exactly the same — the lines all seem a bit thicker and closer together, and the corners are perhaps a touch less rounded — but we’re basically looking at Apple’s Face ID icon, which is seemingly slightly adjusted to fit in with the art on the rest of the slide.”

What Exactly Happened at CES?

H.S. Kim, Head of the company’s Consumer Electronics Division, was going through a discussion on the company’s investment in cybersecurity. At the same time, the icon came up into Samsung’s Press Conference and lasted for about 15 minutes.

Samsung had titled its Press Conference – “Age of Experience,” and there was no point in time displaying the icons. There was a different conversation taking place when the icon came up.

The Verge says – “This seems like it was probably a mistake on the part of whoever made this portion of the slideshow. Samsung doesn’t appear to use this icon in its software or packaging; its actual facial recognition icon appears to be an outline of a face, which looks kind of generic.”

It’s always been a history of companies borrowing from Apple, but Samsung is most infamous for copying iPhone designs and other patents. It seems like it was one of the other biggest mistakes made by companies at the CES, and people have also seen worse than this.


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