The new B2B startups’ venture plan for Microsoft in India is 100X100X100 programme

Microsoft has just launched its new 100X100X100 programme for helping and empowering Indian B2B SaaS startups. As the score of SaaS startups in India is escalating with the best profit margin, Microsoft takes the turn aiming at business-to-business startups.

Unlike other startups, in the Software-as-a-Service field, they often have the best growth rate globally. It will help the American tech giant company to create and build opportunities for startups in India as the country has one of the largest SaaS startups ecosystem in the world.

“This initiative will help build scale and create amazing opportunities for startups. Businesses can now fast-track their digital journeys through easy adoption of enterprise-grade solutions,” said Anant Maheshwari, President of Microsoft India, in a statement.

Microsoft says its new 100X100X100 programme will bring together 100 startup companies, with each committed to spend $100,000 in the span of 18 months. The capital to be consumed by each company is for enterprise-ready solutions.

“Each startup participating in the program will also have access to prospective customers at the Microsoft industry and customer events. Participants also get access to Microsoft’s technology platform and guidance in fine-tuning their business and expansion models,” Tech Crunch confirms through its sources.

Apart from that, Microsoft is not planting knacks in the Indian startups’ ecosystem for the first time. The company is also aiming to create a competitive home market for the rapidly expanding Indian B2B SaaS company by growing its turnover and customer base.

Microsoft for Startups is the organization that enables early-stage B2B startups to use the Azure platform and sales team of the business. Moreover, the company has also expanded its M12, corporate venture fund, last year in India.

Tech Crunch also says the idea behind launching the 100X100X100 programme is simple as if the bets work, these startups are already a customer. Their solutions could be beneficial to several tens of thousands of other customers. And it’s a safe time to make these bets.

However, there is a lot more to expect from Microsoft’s announcement this week as the company’s Chief Executive Satya Nadella is on a visit to the country from Monday.


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