The Wait is Over, One Plus Reveals its One Concept in Smartphones with Invisible Rear Cameras

The interim has finally come to an end for One Plus fans as for a while; the company has been teasing its concept ‘One.’ Fans who are eagerly waiting for the new idea of smartphones by One Plus finally reveal at CES 2020.

The new One concept smartphones still remain the concept phone but have increased the heartbeat for users to soon launch in the market. One Plus may soon make its new phone available globally that will be sold to the masses.


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Besides, here are some of the few terms the company unveiled about its new One concept.

For its now concept phone, the smartphone has collaborated with McLaren. Yes! The sports car manufacturer company to equip its new stunning design.

Also, the new One concept is an inspiration drawn from one the McLaren sports car ‘720s Spider Luxury.’

The back panel equipping the rear cameras are invisible, featuring a retractable hardtop glazed with an electrochromic glass panel, which is the same used in McLaren’s 720s Spider sports car.

The company claimed that they had used the same electrochromic glass that was used the car at the rear panel of its new One concept.

Further, the company also unveiled some specific features of electrochromic glass, which they have modified using organic particles to create changes in the glass covering camera lenses to formulate invisible effects.

Here’s the Twitter post of Pete Lau, One Plus founder:

India Today said:

The glass itself is quite unique. It can shift from opaque black to transparent within 0.7 seconds. OnePlus has also revealed that apart from color shifting technology, the glass also brings to the table practical benefit as it acts as a built-in polarizing filter for the camera.

OnePlus claims that this is the most advanced electrochromic glass ever made, and the design of the Concept One shows two glass panels sandwich the organic material between them and measure just 0.1mm each for a combined thickness of only 0.35mm. The glass panel is also being claimed to use almost no power to operate.

Further, the company hasn’t revealed anything much about its new concept smartphone specifications. Still, we can assume One Plus will surely back its latest smartphone with the best quality and premium technology available in the market.


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