Tinder Invests in New Safety Features for Women’s – All You Need to Know

It’s been a high time for Tinder and its parent company Match.com to introduce new safety features, especially for women, as their rivalries are escalating in the market; which would also lead the platform ahead from its competitors by indulging top-notch security for its users.

Although, apart from that, we’ve seen online dating platforms expediting the majority of sexual assault cases that started from online dating and further resulted in gruesome crime scenes. Match.com is a dominator in the online dating market, and to overcome the crimes, the company has invested its partnership with connected safety platform Noonlight, especially for its high-grossing platform, Tinder.

The company, on Thursday, 23 January, annouced that Tinder and its other online dating apps will include new safety features. These features will involve a panic button, photo verification, and an offensive message feature for attaining greater security. However, the ‘Panic Button’ will first be available to all users in the United States; and worldwide in the coming months.

What’s in the features?


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For this new investment, Match Group has tied up with the Noonlight platform, a security app company that will track user location and will work in response as soon as the user clicks the ‘Panic Button.’

However, if any such situation takes place, and a user clicks the button, the app will ask for permission to access the location. It will immediately notify the concerned safety authorities for its safeguard.

To access this feature, users have to download the Noonlight app and allow location tracking. Users can find this new feature under a new section inside the Tinder app – ‘Safety Centre.’ Also, under this section, users can manually share all their dates, time, and location of planned dates into a “Tinder Timeline” that can be shared with friends.

“This new additional feature in the app will act as a silent bodyguard in situations when you’re alone or meeting for the first time,” says Brittany LeComte, Noonlight co-founder.

Note: The ‘Panic Button’ is actually inside the Noonlight and not Tinder. So, if you’re in a dangerous situation and you press the panic button discreetly contacts Noonlight dispatchers who then send a text with a code and then call. If the call is unanswered, the dispatchers immediately alert emergency services.

The new ‘Photo Verification’ feature will work as screening the user’s profile pictures by taking photos that match a series of sample poses. If screening is verified, users will receive a blue verification mark on their profile.


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Further, Tinder’s community team reviews the consistency between the submitted photos and photos previously uploaded to the app.

And lastly, the ‘Offensive Message’ feature will now allow users to report offensive messages very quickly as the enhanced AI-powered app automatically detects inappropriate messages and asks users, “Does This Bother You?”

“I think a lot about safety, especially on our platforms, and what we can do to curtail bad behavior. There are a lot of things we tell users to do. But if we can provide tools on top of that, we should do that as well. You should run a dating business as if you are a mom,” says Match Group Chief Executive Mandy Ginsberg

Match Group, with this move of adding additional features to their online dating platform, shows that they are now more concerned with the safety of their users. Moreover, the Tinder CEO added that the locations would not be used for any marketing purposes or anything other than the safety.


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