Vin Scully, Famous Los Angeles Baseball Broadcaster Died At Age 94

Vincent Edward Scully is an American Baseball broadcaster. If one of the names is equivalent to the Dodgers, It is not a participant, manager, or any other official team. There is only one person that is Vin Scully. Hall of fame Vin Scully died at his home in Hidden Hills on 02 August 2022 at the age of 94. Dodgers announced their death by a tweet post.

Vin Scully, Famous Los Angeles Baseball Broadcaster Died At Age 94

Vin Scully’s extraordinary voice and gentle commentary style helped to make him the most well-liked and loved person in the history of Dodgers. His Baseball knowledge was fantastic. His tuneful voice and capability to make connections with listeners made Scully great. Vin Scully was popular among the Dodgers. Dodgers President and CEO expressed grief over his death and said that we’ve lost an icon.

He completed his degree from Fordham university. After that Vin Scully started work on the Brooklyn Dodgers broadcast in 1950. On 9 September 1965, Vin Scully broadcast the perfect game of Sandy Koufax’s against the Chicago Cubs. Vin worked for CBS from 1975-82 at that time his voice became more popular in the country. From 1983-89 Scully worked for NBC as an announcer. When he could not travel much in the later stage of his career, he continued to broadcast the Dodgers’ home games. He retired in the season 2016.

Awards and Honors

  • Ford Frick award from the National Baseball Hall of Fame in 1982
  • Emmy Award in 1995
  • The Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2016
  • The Hollywood Walk of Fame is Dedicated in 2001
  • Commissioners Historic Achievement Award

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