Apple CEO Tim Cook filed a lawsuit against Indian man Rakesh Sharma for stalking

According to the reports, Apple Inc. has filed a restraining order against Indian man Rakesh Sharma, 41, who lives in San Francisco for stalking and harassing the company’s CEO Tim Cook and other members of the company’s executive team.

Rakesh Sharma is allegedly accused of trespassing the residence of Tim Cook twice and following the several events of ringing the doorbell and entering restricted area inside the property, late night. Besides, it was also found that Sharma had left a disturbing voicemail on an apple executive’s phone, Apple security specialist revealed in a court document.

It got started on a chilly night in December when the first time Sharma showed up at Tim’s residence with flowers and a bottle of champagne. He entered Cook’s property through a restricted area without permission at around 10:30 pm in a gambit to deliver flowers and champagne.

Again after a month on January 15, he visited back to the property without any permission to ring the doorbell but left the place till the police arrived. It was not over until then; after a week, Sharma again left another disturbing voicemail on the same person’s phone.

Apple security specialist in an interview with CNET said – “Mr. Sharma’s continuous and increasingly threatening conduct is causing other Apple employees and me significant emotional distress and gives me grave concern for our personal safety.”

After hearing the case, the court in California granted a temporary restraining order against Sharma and ordered him to maintain the safe distance between Cook’s residence and his three bodyguards. Also, CNET reported that the next hearing on the case is due for March 3.

However, after a deeper understanding of the case of Sharma, it was found that he was the critic of Tim Cook and had previously posted a video on Facebook criticizing the CEO. He said in the video, “Hey Tim Cook, you have serious issues at your brand. You need to leave the Bay Area. Basically, I’m shooing you out. Shoo, Tim Cook, out of the Bay Area.”

India Today confirms that “Apple specialist further revealed in a statement that Sharma once demanded cash settlement because he said an Apple employee allegedly mocked him over the phone and hung up on him when was apparently recovering from an illness in a hospital. Sharma had even gone ahead to say that the Apple CEO is a criminal, and they will try to kill him.”

CNET, after the report, contacted Sharma, which clarified that he had no intention of hiring a lawyer to represent his case in the court.


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