5 Best Open Source Antivirus

While using your PC, you can detect a lot of bugs, errors, and pop-ups coming in your way and distracting you from the work you are doing. Bad Notifications arises from bad channels, unwanted pop-ups take you to the fake addresses, the system stops working automatically, and your application gets halted.

This happens to every PC user who doesn’t have an installed Antivirus on their PC. Antivirus helps in protecting your PC from malicious software, malware attacks, keep your computers running efficiently, and provides a safeguard to your personal information. Moreover, it keeps your online data protected from Cyber threat attacks and monitors computer firewall.

There are many different Antiviruses available in the market for free as well as subscription-based. But not all of us can afford premium tools by paying monthly or annual subscription fees. It’s always good to have a free open source Antivirus in your PC because it’s the only best way to connect to the internet and save your data from Cyberattacks.

5 Best Open Source Antivirus

1. OpenAntiVirus Project

OpenAntiVirus Project is one of the most popular open source antivirus platforms that includes VirusHammer for scanning purpose that can be run by end users. Moreover, it allows developers to be part of several projects available and make contributions as well as suggest changes to improve the software.

It is a platform which believes that open source software provides developers more reliability, scalability, and effectiveness. Features like Scanner Daemon, Squid vscan, pattern finder helps in providing protection to your PC and personal data. Many developers work here on the same project related to antivirus protection and computer security.

Download OpenAntiVirus Project here: https://sourceforge.net/projects/openantivirus/

2. Armadito Antivirus

Armadito is another open source antivirus platform for PCs and servers. It is available for Windows as well as Linux and is composed with a web-based central administration console. In addition, it has a heuristic architecture that allows to easily integrate with new algorithms and concentrate on anti-malware techniques.

Moreover, it has comprehensive security and privacy which uses the ClamAV engine for complete data security. Armadito has a user-friendly interface which is very quick, effective, and simple to use. With Armadito, integration made simple on GLPI solution (Open Source IT and Asset Management System).

Also, anyone who wishes can contribute to Armadito for more development and improvement with IT competencies.

Download Armadito here: https://github.com/armadito/armadito-windows-installer

3. ClamAV Open Source

ClamAV Open source antivirus

Another great open source antivirus is ClamAV claimed by users themselves. It is a type of antivirus engine that helps in detecting issues, malware, viruses, and any other malicious attacks. In addition, it is also considered as an open standard for mail gateway scanning software.

ClamAV gives you higher performance with multi-threaded scanner daemon and command line utilities for on-demand file scanning and automatic updates. As being an open source platform, it is also versatile enough to support multiple files formats and multiple languages.

Download ClamAV here: https://www.clamav.net/

4. ClamWin Open Source

ClamWin Open source antivirus

ClamWin is a free and open source antivirus program for Windows used worldwide on a daily basis. It helps in detecting high rates of viruses, spyware, and malware. Moreover, it comes with scanning scheduler and automatic updater for staying up to date. The fact to know – ClamWin is based on the ClamAV engine and uses GNU (General Public License) for free software.

In addition, it also provides right-click menu integration to Microsoft Windows Explorer and offers an add-on to Microsoft Outlook for removing virus-infected attachments automatically.

Download ClamWin here: http://www.clamwin.com/content/view/18/46/

5. Moon Secure Antivirus

Moon Secure Antivirus is free, simple, and scalable software for protection of your PC from malware and threats. Moreover, it is the only enterprise grade software that is completely open source. Like Armadito antivirus, it also uses the same ClamAV engine for detecting viruses, issues, trojans, spyware, etc.

Moon Secure Antivirus includes some great features like real-time protection, live updates, low resource usage, can protect any third party application as well. It offers different enterprise products like MoonVAS (Moon Secure Vulnerability Scanner appliance) and Moon Secure Mobilizer.

Download Moon Secure Antivirus here: http://moonsecure.net/df/

There are many people who don’t afford to buy a premium or subscription-based antivirus and it’s totally ok. There can be other reasons too like laziness, less awareness, etc. but in my opinion, one should always have any of the free antivirus software installed. That’s because it can be considered as the only way to securely connect to the internet.

Moreover, your data stays secured and your PC is protected from malware and cyber threat attacks too. Nobody wants their personal data to be disclosed in public and I think you too will never want that. So, it’s necessary to check which antivirus is best suitable for your PC and working type.

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