10 Best Cloud Hosting Providers in India

Are you having a website or online business to target your Indian visitors? Your website hosting server must be situated in India that can give you plenty of benefits in the terms of preventing the slow page speed and page response. Choosing the best Cloud hosting provider won’t let you down in any cost. But, you need to know just a few cloud hosting providers give their data centres in India and, you need to buy the most reliable services to avoid any downtime issues and perform well.

Without any doubt there are many options accessible for the Best Cloud Hosting Providers in India needs. Regardless of your interest area, several hosting providers will come up with many different hosting packages bearing different costs. The multiple hosting plans are done as per the amount of availability and requirement of investment. Obviously beginners do not require everything of the hosting feature yet. And the well established site requires a little more than beginners. Thus, best thing you can do is select the custom dedicated server, which can tailor the cloud hosting service as per your requirements.


10 Best Cloud Hosting Providers in India

Best Cloud Hosting Providers in India

The cloud hosting uses remote server that resources (CPU and RAM) will be scaled up and down, as per the demand. Thus, you do not have to worry about the flexibility and cost. Let us check out the top 10 hosting providers in India

1. Digitalocean

DigitalOcean applies concept of the droplets for dealing with your online resources. It uses block storage from 1GB to 16TB to scale the resources and migrate them between the droplets, as per the application. The droplets allow you to set up the programmed backups and keep your data and configuration secure & available. DigitalOcean provides you the chance to clone your data all across different servers so that there is not any possibility of losing important data. Data is transferred and encoded to Droplets on isolated systems, and making it safe.

It has got high memory Droplet plans that provide larger sizes of RAM, and making it the smart decision for the engineers that function in-memory caching and large databases. This additionally provides versatility of ten cost plans, over 640GB RAM, and unlimited bandwidth.

2. Hostgator

HostGator is a first choice of several users in India since they rely much on the company as it is the oldest web hosting companies out there. HostGator has the wide variety of plans and for this reason; user must find the highly appropriate hosting plans. Besides the cheapest rates and varied packages, the right web host with over 99.9% Uptime, 45 Day of Refund Policy, Full cPanel, Best Support, Indian Location or more. Hostgator claims to improve your website speed by 2x. They offer 99.9% of guaranteed uptime & unmetered Bandwidth for the VPS. Under the integrated dashboard, one can easily monitor the website’s performance and analytics. Servers are scaled when your site begins growing. Thus, start small & expand later.

3. Cloudways

Cloudways is the top cloud hosting service providers with the managed VPS. They offer you management service with other cloud hosting such as Amazon AWS and Digital Ocean. Cloudways is a technologically advanced Web hosting company located in India, certainly Cloudways is an ultimate hosting provider to go with since it offer an ideal blend of the features for the most powerful web in the terms of support, performance, control and much more.

As it’s based on the SSD disk space and 3X faster loading speed and caches includes Varnish, Memcached, Redis and Nginx, PHP 7.x Servers & HTTP/2 Servers that help you to experience the dedicated environment.   The hardware and resources are constantly monitored by experts to fix out any issue and auto-healing is one amazing feature that can help you to fix majority of the issues just by restarting an option.

4. Hostinger

It is really tough to beat Hostinger while it comes about value offered. Although their single package is very cheap, still it comes with 10GB SSD disk space, 24/7 Support, as well as smooth setup. The custom-built cPanel is so much joy to work out with, and comes with their website builder. Although we will definitely recommend making use of WordPress to build your website, it is good to know they have their builder on an offer besides usual CMSs. The 24 by 7 customer support is helpful and responsive that is very impressive as most of the budget hosts will lack in the support, and not Hostinger! While it comes about their hosting types, they provide basic shared hosting (many people need this kind), WordPress hosting, cloud hosting, and VPS hosting.

5. Bigrock

BigRock is a big name when it comes about the best cloud hosting provider in India. Something that helped the company over years in winning their trust is the unbeatable transparency and simplicity in the prices and features. Besides being affordable, services offered by Bigrock do not have hidden charges. This provides an option to transfer and new domain registration, and unlimited email accounts that have anti-spam and anti-virus protection, Data protection & recovery, server monitoring, and, high security level. It has the best round a clock support with the decent knowledge of each single aspect, and it has friendliest approach for responding to queries and issues.

6. InterServer

For many people who are searching for the most affordable and powerful hosting, obviously there cannot be any hosting better than InterServer. Features wise, this has some important feature from excellent 24 by 7 support through phone, chat, or ticket and uptime guarantee, free website migration, simple to use panel, more than 450 cloud hosting apps, unlimited Storage Space, and much more. Moreover, servers is in constant monitoring of InterServer team so each single issue will be resolved and detected in the faster time.

7. MilesWeb

Milesweb is one emerging cloud hosting provider located in India that is built for Web developers as well as avid bloggers who want cloud hosting for the dedicated projects. You will get over 100+pre-configured apps like Drupal, WordPress, WooCommerce, Joomla, and more that are easily available to install over your server with one click. Milesweb support all types of the languages stacks which include Python, PHP, Java, Node.js, and more. So, if you’re the developer, you can develop quickly without any need to install every stack whenever required. Suppose you’re the pro developer, then you can use empty VPS with the full Root access. They provide automated server scaling, without any downtime. And, your website data will be distributed over many servers to reduce the load.

8. Resellerclub

Resellerclub is a popular hosting firm in India. They’re known for the impeccable services for the small websites. They also offer 30 days of money back guarantee. Their 24 by 7 technical support is the best feature you can ever find in other hosting provider. Their wide range of the products or services enables you sell almost any kind of the hosting services, and website domain registration, SSL certificates, Sitelock, website security or more – all in your business and brand name, and credit goes to guarantee of the white-label services. Also, they provide feature rich and various hosting solutions that give all resellers the strong determination for their clients.

9. SiteGround

SiteGround is another best Web cloud hosting providers located in India. SiteGround certainly has the perfect mix of the advanced features for all kinds of website. It’s absolutely simple to install the website on the SiteGround and probably it is the matter of some minutes. Besides that, SiteGround features best page speed with help of the solid-state drives, SuperCacher, advanced technologies like NGINX, PHP7, HTTP/2, and CDN. Also, they features auto updates where one is rest assured their website is running on latest version of Joomla or WordPress.

10. A2 Hosting

Last but not least, A2 Hosting is another best hosting provider in India. They might not be very old as HostGator or SiteGround but it can prove their excellence in Best cloud hosting over past some years in the terms of features. To set up your site with the A2 Hosting is very simple. Besides, company A2 Host is emphasizing on providing the best page loading speed by using the A2 optimized WP hosting when it started as they believe in significance of the best loading speed and company brings unique Hosting Deals each year that is the best option for the visitors. All A2 hosting users can opt for 20X faster with the best A2 cloud Hosting. Besides, they feature SSL certificate, free account migration, and SSH. Quite importantly, host offers 99.9% of uptime and “Money Back Guarantee” & this reflect their commitment to its services.

Final Thoughts

Suppose you wish to buy flexible cloud hosting service with the scalable resources for the business site and blog, Cloud hosting is a right choice for you. Also, suppose your visitors live in India, you need to get best Cloud hosting provider in India to provide fast content delivery & best performance.

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