CPU vs GPU – Difference Between CPU and GPU

Its been decades since the CPU and GPU came to market. System like these have changed the view point of a user in many ways possible. But still there has been confusion going on between both CPU and GPU for a long time.

Today, lets have a look at both of the aspects of CPU and GPU and try to differ the first from the latter. Before getting right into the topic lets understand first what these two word mean truly.


What is CPU?

CPU is Central processing unit also known as the brain of PCs. A CPU is the microprocessor designed to carry out instruction of a program by performing Arithmetic, Logical and Input/output operations. A Central Processing Unit (CPU) can help to execute basic graphic applications like small games, Microsoft PowerPoint, low resolution videos, arithmetic operations etc.

What is GPU?

GPU stands for Graphics Processing Unit sometimes also refers to as the soul of PCs. A GPU is an electronic circuitry embedded within a CPU (personal Computers), Mobile Phones, Workstations and Gaming Consoles etc. A GPU is made up of more than 100+ cores which enable it to perform multiple tasks. It also to process a large number of data based on the instruction provided by the program.


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CPU vs GPU – Difference between CPU and GPU

For a lot of time, there has been a misconception about CPU and GPU that they are basically same entity as they can perform exactly same functions. Let’s find out the Difference together!



A CPU generally consists of few Cores which help a user to manipulate and handle a few multiple software at a single time. A GPU is made up from more than 100+ cores that helps a user to access much more application than a CPU simultaneously and with much more efficiency.
High end Graphics and applications may not run properly over a CPU. With the help of GPU one can easily process a number of High end Graphical content simultaneously as the 100+ cores of GPU can accelerate the software up-to 100X over a CPU.
General purpose computing are still done by CPU as it is the back bone of the processing unit. A GPU provides great efficiency and power while being more cost efficient than a CPU.


GPU has been proved to be one of the revolutionary finding done in the world of computing. Be it gaming or executing high end graphical application GPU is preferred for the most of it. Though it is one of the important aspect of processing a GPU can never replace CPU.

CPU are referred as the brain of the PC and a GPU is known as the brawn of the PC. They both do work hand in hand to carry out tasks and can bring best value in performance and price.

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