Ecommerce Startups Tends to Escalate Campus Hiring In India than ever


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With flying of 2019 and the new year at doorstep, Ecommerce companies and startups are escalating to hire fresher candidates from leading Indian colleges and B-schools with background for Science.

The current scenario in tech startups and ecommerce companies signifies that it is expected to rapidly increase the workforce of entry-level roles as these companies are seeking fresher candidates who are fleet to learn new-age diverse technologies; and who can adapt to fast-paced market environments.

Further, these ecommerce companies and startups are rising, expanding their hiring scale by 50-100%. Moreover, they have extended the hiring scale for the Indian market. They will be capturing leading Indian Engineering colleges and institutions to boost up their ventures with fresh and innovative minds.

 “Not only is entry-level talent bursting with energy to perform well, but it also has an impressive learning curve,” said CEO Zishaan Hayath, Toppr (online learning startup).

Startups and large organizations, including Flipkart, Droom, Udaan, Toppr, Amazon, Testbook, and NoBroker, will start the campus intake from the class of 2020, which will be the highest campus recruitment by these companies ever.

These companies will be hiring from campuses across multiple functions, including operations, sales, software development, finance, data science, product management, marketing, business development, human resources, and transformation.

increase in campus hiring

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Ecommerce startups and companies have recruited IITs in a large number, who have completed the first phase of final placements. Additionally, these companies are also willing to visit BITS Pilani (Birla Institute of Technology & Science) and IIITs (Indian Institutes of Information Technology) for campus hiring and PPO (Pre Placement Offer).

“Traditionally, we have been hiring freshers from campus, and people who joined us four-five years back have already taken leadership roles. We are looking to expand further,” said cofounder Akhil Gupta, NoBroker.

Different Companies Constituting in Hiring Stake

  • Campus recruitments by Myntra and Jabong will constitute 20-25% of the overall hires, confirmed Vice President Abhishek Sen.
  • Flipkart has the same campus recruitment rate, but they have doubled the intake of interns.
  • Udaan is constituting by visiting the new IITs, and IIMs launched in tier two countries.
  • Automobile company Droom is increasing campus hiring up to 70% from leading Engineering colleges, institutions, and international universities.
  • The Finance Co. Unicorn is scaling its campus hiring by 50%, and the firm has visited more than 30 campuses this year.

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While top Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs) will begin final placements only in the new year, at other leading business schools such as SPJIMR that are done with their placements, ecommerce/startup firms recruited more aggressively than last year. At SPJIMR, for instance, ecommerce companies made offers to about 22% of the batch compared with 17% last year.


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