Google ‘Watchlist’ A New Search Feature Rolling Out for Bookmarking Movies & Shows

Google is enduring its UI in the Search Engine to let users rely entirely on their smartphones for every little-big thing. With improvising its security on different platforms, the Search Engine company is now on the trail of taking its platform beyond human intelligence.

Google has been personalizing its Search Engine platform for each user with their related interests. It captures all your real-time data and display results accordingly. And recently, it has rolled out a ‘Watchlist’ feature for users to bookmark different movies and shows of their interest.

While surfing around on the internet whenever you search for any TV shows or movies, it will offer you a feature to add the following content in the ‘My Watchlist’ gallery. The feature lies underneath different videos and pictures with a “Watched it?” checkmark and “Watchlist” bookmark icon.



With the above feature adds in Google, confirms that –

“This functionality is currently only available on mobile through the web or Google app for Android and iOS. A piece of content’s Knowledge Panel includes a new card — underneath trailers and stills — with a “Watched it?” checkmark and “Watchlist” bookmark icon. Movies still in theaters also get a “Get Tickets” button that switches to the “Showtimes” tab.”

“The first action is straightforward and changes the text to “Watched,” while “Watchlist” creates a save. It is directly tied to Google’s broader bookmarking feature than spans across Search, Maps, and the web.”

It seems like Google has generated the ‘Watchlist’ section that can also be shared among different users. The Search Engine will also display the bookmarked items through a “View All” link that takes users to the “My Watchlist” section.

Google is expanding its Search Engine feasibility by improving daily user experience. The idea of adding media items into the Watchlist helps users to stay on top of the data. Also, users can save media files of their related interests into their collection and continue to watch whenever they wish to.

Besides, Google is rolling out this feature constantly, which means it might not be available for every user. However, the update would soon reside in each Android device concurrently.


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