Hobbi app, a new Facebook experiment in the space of hobbyists and DIY content

With three new experiments in a row, Facebook is back again, introducing its new app Hobbi. The platform is designed more like documenting personal projects of users such as cooking, baking, home decor, interior designing, creatives, art and crafts, fitness, or other sorts of stuff.

Facebooks new app Hobbi

Last year when Facebook announced its New Product Experimentation team (NPE), the company had clarified its intentions of developing out of box ideas other than what Facebook already is preceding.

So far, the NPE’s have contributed three different experiments outside of the company’s nucleus service, out of which none assumed success, however. The Giant instant messaging platform first introduced Whale, a meme editor app, which got sunset later after it was found of no use to people.

After that, in November last year, it announced the launch of Bump, a chat app for making new connections and friends. The app also didn’t get much attention from the audience, and hence the company again experimented for its third product, a music app Aux.

However, the company already said in its original announcement when it introduced its NPE team that “the experiments in many cases would be short-lived, as the NPE Team will shut down apps that people don’t find useful and then move on to create others.”

And they did the same!

Introducing Hobbi, which we can consider as a Pinterest clone but is focused more on organizing and editing personal collections. The app released this week is the fourth installment from the NPE team under Facebook.

How will Hobbi work?


Techcrunch confirms, “the app is designed to help hobbyists organize photos of their own projects into themed collections — like gardening, cooking, arts & crafts, décor and more. The idea is to track the progress you’re making over time.”

The app is more like an editor and organizer for personal projects and hobbies than a social networking component. Besides, you can evaluate improvement in your projects, and at last, after your plans are over, you can create videos of your work and can externally share with your friends.

Hobbi app is currently availble US, Columbia, Belgium, Spain, and Ukraine and is availble only for iOS users. Soon, it may be available for Android on Play Store and in other countries, including India.


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