How Much Money Does A Teacher Make A Month in India?

Teaching is always considered a highly sought profession not just in India but across the world. Teaching in the Government school or other associated Government bodies is a highly lucrative profession. But, it loses its lustre in the private sector but holds the spot for the teacher salaries in the coaching institutions and other online education areas. Salary structure for the Teachers in Private and Government schools differ in the terms of different factors discussed in detail below.

Salary of Teacher differs according to the experience level and tier of education, such as fresher with below 1-year experience can earn a salary of Rs. 2,90,000 yearly on average. This change in the teaching position and seniority will bump up their pay. Thus, a teacher with 5 to 9 years’ experience will get a salary of Rs. 3,11,000 yearly and teachers with a decade of teaching experience earn the average salary of Rs. 5,00,000 yearly.

A person who is working as a Teacher in India generally earns Rs. 24,100 monthly. Salaries will range from Rs. 11,800 INR to Rs. 37,700.

It is an average monthly salary that includes transport, housing, and various other benefits. Teacher salaries differ drastically based on skills, experience, location, and gender. Here you can find the detailed breakdown as per different criteria that are set.

How Much Money Does A Teacher Make A Month in India

An average salary of a teacher is seeing a huge rise because of the emergence of the new modes of teaching and education like virtual (digital) teaching platforms and other web-based education choices.

Experience Wise Average Monthly Salary Average Annual Salary
Fresher Rs. 20,000 Rs. 2,45,000
1 to 4 years Rs. 22,150 Rs. 2,65,800
5 to 9 years Rs. 25,916 Rs. 3,11,000
Above 10 years Rs. 33,566 Rs. 4,02,800
Above 20 years Rs. 42,183 Rs. 5,06,200

An Entry Level teacher in high school with below 3 years experience will earn on an average compensation of Rs. 2,12,700. The mid-career teacher with 4 to 9 years experience earns Rs. 2,43,800, whereas senior school teacher with experience of 10 to 20 years makes on an average Rs. 4,02,800. Teachers in high school with over 20 years of experience earn around Rs. 5,06,200 on average.

Teachers Salary in India As Per Designation

The average salary of a teacher differs as per what type of difficulty the curriculum presents. It is to say, suppose a teacher takes on a complex curriculum with difficult standards then their pay can be more than the teacher who gives basic education to kids who have started school or have not been getting education for long. Pay increases with their amount of experience.

Designation Yearly Salary
High school teacher Rs. 3,08,342
Secondary school teacher Rs. 3,10,574
Primary school teacher Rs. 2,55,800

As discussed, a teacher teaching in a city can also affect the salary that they earn every month. Indian cities/states pay teachers differently. Here are the top five highest paying cities/states of India for teachers.

Highest Paying Cities/States In India for Teachers

City/State Salary /Month
New Delhi, Delhi Rs. 32,100 per month
Pune, Maharashtra Rs. 26,700 per month
Noida, Uttar Pradesh Rs. 25,500 per month
Mumbai, Maharashtra Rs. 25,500 per month
Gurgaon, Haryana Rs. 21,400 per month

No doubt teachers in India are highly respected, it can be safe to say Indian teachers do not make much than other countries across the world. Many Indian teachers prefer working in these countries due to the top monthly salary payments. Given are top five highest paying countries and average salaries for the teachers. The countries pay their teachers the highest salaries every month than other developed countries across the world.

Countries With Highest Teachers Salary Across the World

The list of the top five highest paying countries for teachers in the world.

Switzerland Rs. $110,000 per month
Luxembourg Rs. $100,000 per month
Canada Rs, $74,000 per month
Germany Rs. $70,000 per month
Netherlands Rs. $67,000 per month

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