IDC report: China-based BBK brands (Xiaomi, Realme, and Vivo) conquering Indian smartphone market again!

The Internation Data Corporation (IDC), which analyzes the market share of different companies, organizations, and brands, and evaluates the future predictions, is back with the 2019 Indian smartphone market report.

In this year’s report, Xiaomi again is leading the Indian smartphone market with a 28.6% share. Although Xiaomi sees a piddling increment from that of last year, the company growth is considered to be flat this year.

Samsung, in the second position with a 20.3% market share, has seen a negative growth falling from 22.6% in 2018 by -2.8% YoY (Year on Year) growth. The company’s market share is losing grip from the Indian smartphone market, but its few models, including M-series, has performed well in the online segment.

While reports being published, IDC also said, “Vivo became the leader in the offline channel. The continued focus on its offline channel, despite the exclusive lineup in online channel and presence across price segments, led to this phenomenal rise in 2019.”

Here’s the snapshot of IDC 2019 full-year and final quarter market share, shipment in millions, and YoY growth.

2019 full year report:


Evidently, 2019 has been a great year for Realme, gaining high popularity among its users with mid-range flagship killers and feature that it offers. Realme has become one of the most trusted brands in India within a short span of time.

The company surpassing all other brands has made its way in the fifth position with a whopping 263.5% YoY growth rate in 2019. Realme is holding a 10.6% market share in 2019, which is significant to notice than that of 2018’s market share of 3.2%, making it the most significant growing company this year.

Oppo, on the other hand, has also mounted up to the fourth position in the final quarter with remarkable YoY growth of 60.5%. The company is currently holding a 10.7% market share and is just ahead of Realme.

Final quarter (Q4) report:


NDTV says, “In the mid-premium ($300-500) segment, Vivo continued to lead the market with 28 percent share in 2019, on the back of the high-selling Vivo V15 Pro, followed by OnePlus at 20.2 percent share owing to the OnePlus 7 model.”

Apart from these, other smartphone brands, including Nokia, LG, Sony, Blackberry, and others, are dramatically descending by 46% in the Indian smartphone market share.

Overall, the BBK Groups smartphone brands are considerably capturing the Indian smartphone market by performing decently and offering excellent after-sales services to their customers.


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