MediaTek vs Snapdragon Processors

Have you ever heard of processors or chipset used in smartphones?

I hope everyone knows about it as while purchasing a smartphone it’s processor is the main factor for the reason of buying.

Now, what processor is?

In simple words, a processor is a small or microchip which resides on any electronic device say computer, laptop or a smartphone. Its task is to take input, process the input and gives the resultant output.

In this article, you will get detailed differences between the two best-known processors of the smartphone industry MediaTek and Snapdragon.


mediatek vs snapdragon

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It is a semiconductor company based in Taiwan deals in the production of chips for electronic devices, wireless communications, and HD televisions. MediaTek provides chips for a budget to mid-range smartphones that is the reason the company gained popularity. MediaTek processors are generally cheap and include chips like single, dual, quad, hexa, and octa cores processors.


mediatek vs snapdragon

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Qualcomm Snapdragon processors are very popular among the best-known brands of smartphones. Snapdragon processors are manufactured by Qualcomm company based in the USA. These processors are generally manufactured for mid to high range smartphones for delivering high quality and high performance. These processors also include chips like the single, dual, quad, and octal cores processors.

MediaTek vs Snapdragon – Difference between MediaTek and Snapdragon

MediaTek vs Snapdragon

S.No. MediaTek Snapdragon
1. Company Origin Hsinchu, Taiwan, 28 May 1997 San Diego, California, July 1985
2. Cores 1-2-4-6-8-10 1-2-4-6-8-10
3. Architecture Arm Arm
4. CPU Uses standard Arm CPU cores. Uses the latest Arm CPU cores.
5. GPU MediaTek has low graphics interface as compared to snapdragon. Adreno GPU is installed in snapdragon which gives much difference in graphics than MediaTek and it is clearly noticeable in high-end devices.
6. Battery backup High power consuming processors, which leads to low battery life. Snapdragon is always a step ahead. Low power consuming processors, which leads to high battery life.
7. Heat They generate intense heat as they are high power consuming than snapdragon. Produces low heat than Mediatek processors as they are low power consuming.
8. Performance High performance for handling multitasking, heavy applications. Snapdragon is, even more, better for handling multitasking.
9. Economical More economical as compared to snapdragon, the price difference is two times lower. Less economical as it focuses more on high quality and performance.
10. Processor type 32 bit/64 bit 32 bit/64 bit


With reference to the above differences, I hope you would have understood which processor is better. Obviously, Qualcomm Snapdragon wins. Snapdragon also comes in the mid-range smartphones with many extra functionalities than MediaTek.

In addition, Qualcomm is the only processor used by almost every big smartphone brands except Samsung and Huawei. If you are planning to buy a smartphone with great features indulging in a mid-range price than I would recommend Snapdragon.

Ultimately, there are far options available for purchasing a mobile phone instead of just buying a phone with high performance. There are many other features available for the smartphones except processors.

So, if you are twerking your choices then better buy a phone which has many great features other than a processor like buying a phone with great camera quality at a mid-range price.

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