OnePlus teases its upcoming Special Project (not a smartphone/device/commercial product)

The tech advanced smartphone giant OnePlus is teasing its upcoming Special Project, which is suggested to be not a device or any commercial product. The company, on Twitter (UK & India accounts), revealed a small teaser of its surprising, maybe another concept project.

While the OnePlus fans are intriguingly waiting for the company’s most anticipated smartphone series, OnePlus 8, the company at the same time announced in its tweet:

“We’re working on a special project (not a phone/commercial product!), and we’d love your thoughts on it. Reply to this tweet with (palm hand emoji) if you’re happy to give feedback, and we’ll DM a small number of you some photos.” 

Here’s the tweet:

OnePlus on it’s official Twitter India account says, “2020 is the year of surprises. Can you guess what’s coming up?”

The same tweet is posted on both the offical twitter accounts of OnePlus UK and OnePlus India. Besides, it’s not confirmed yet what OnePlus is bringing new to the world on innovation and technology, but it is assumed to be something extraordinary.

Apart from that, it also expected that OnePlus would launch its successor OnePlus 8 series in the coming months, and recently a prototype was also spotted for the same.

Let’s see what OnePlus will bring new under its domain, but for those who are expecting a new device or commercial product, it’s not that. Like India Today also noticed that the company also showed off the Concept One recently, a smartphone that the company said will not be available for sale.


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