Robert Downey Jr (Iron Man) is Manifesting a New YouTube Series, The Age of AI

Artificial Intelligence has now become one of the prominent domains in the tech industry. The rising intelligent technology has revolutionized the human world by simplifying their daily lives. Artificial Intelligence has gained importance in every sector, including marketing, production, BPO, IT, the smartphone industry, and almost every area.

Also, there are a lot of career opportunities opening in the field of AI. Gigantic tech companies like Google, AWS, Apple, Microsoft, each of them are improvising their technologies by focusing more on AI.

There have been vast courses developed to impart knowledge to students about the evolution of AI. And since the field is wide-spreading like wildfire, people are taking initiatives to adopt AI to simplify their working life.

Even now, the celebs are taking part in contributing to the importance of AI.

Rober Downey Jr., one of the leading famous Hollywood actors who is well known for his role as Tony Stark, ‘Iron Man’ in Marvel Avengers series, is also accomplishing the same. The famous actor has recently presented a YouTube series based on AI that is now available on YouTube.

Watch the Trailer:

The series is titled “The Age of AI,” and Downey is going to confer the series by his name under the Hollywood standards. The series has been shot in various places where the Iron Man movies were originally filmed. The series involves lots of close-ups, short discussions, hands, musical instruments, and multiple short shots of different places.

The first two episodes of the series are out on YouTube, and the remaining episodes will stream online in the coming weeks. Besides, you can stream them now if you are anxious enough to purchase the premium subscription.

See what Forbes say about it:

“It is said that Downey Jr modeled his portrayal of Stark on Elon Musk, the creator of Tesla and SpaceX, and one of the most outspoken commentators about artificial intelligence. Musk says that by developing advanced AI, we are “summoning the demon” and that we must work hard and fast to ensure it remains safe. He thinks we must develop the technology to link our minds intimately with AI systems so that instead of being replaced by them, we can be enhanced by them. So it is apt that Downey Jr is introducing “The Age of AI,” YouTube’s expensive new eight-part series on AI.”

The YouTube series is based on illuminating how far AI can enhance humanity. The storytellers behind the series said that – “The Age of AI, will justify whether the technology would replicate humanity, or even replace it.”

AI is the fastest growing and most potent technology nowadays. It is believed the in the near future; AI will change the shape of humanity. The show addresses the about understanding the technology, how it works, the promises made, and at the same time it’s jeopardy will be increased. The show is entirely fabricated, adequately inscribed, and is very well informed, which will help viewers to understand AI through different perspectives.

The show is highly welcomed by many YouTube users and is getting a lot of appraisals. Its a must-watch series for kids and teenagers to adults and grown-ups.


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