Snapchat introduces ‘Here For You’ tool to promote Mental Health Awareness among teens!

In the surge of different social media platforms, Snapchat has emerged as the most popular multimedia messaging platform for teens as well as adults. The platform has a unique snap and story sharing feature maintaining user privacy and security at the same time, which other platforms don’t offer.

That’s the reason why it is the most admired app amongst teenagers!

With Snapchat bringing innovating features to its platform, it’s parent company Snap Inc. has now decided to make a move towards mental health awareness for its users. The importance of this subject has taken a leap on social media over the past few years.

Mental health awareness is rising on social media, engaging teen users, and others to help themselves. Following Pinterest, the famous images, GIFs, and videos platform previously had taken the initiative to redirect its users searching queries related to WHO (World Health Organization).

And with escalating mental health problems and users not able to find useful, expert content, Snapchat has introduced a new ‘Here For You‘ tool that will help its users by redirecting them to the expert’s content when they are mentally sick.

While Snapchat also confirmed that it has a record-holding of users falling under the age category between 13 to 24 years, which combinely is more substantial than Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger. It will help the company to target mentally unstable users, and mostly, this problem is found in the age group of 13-15 years.

Besides, there are other users found in the higher adult category, and Snapchat will target them too. However, the tool has been launched in the USA on Tuesday, and Snap might soon introduce this feature to other countries, including India.

Why ‘Here For You’ tool?

The idea behind introducing this tool is to help people who seem prone to mental health diseases, including anxiety, depression, grief, stress, overthinking, and anorexia.

“We are looking for a healthy alternative to provide young people with tools that would be readily available in the app,” says Jen Stout, VP of global policy at Snap Inc. The app in itself is taking responsibility for its users to cure and help them from their suffering by redirecting them to the content, especially designed for mental problems.

“We feel a real responsibility to try to make a positive impact with some of our youngest, sometimes most vulnerable users on our platform,” he added.

How will it work?

“When a Snapchat user searches for topics like depression, anxiety, grief, stress, or thinspo (short for thinspiration which promotes anorexia), the app will intervene and help the user. It will direct its users to content written by experts which are written to help them.

Here For You will present its content on Snapchat like any other content, which presents itself for 10 seconds. Brief, informative videos will appear for 10 seconds, and users can tab to see, learn more about that particular video.

The target audience is mostly the 13-14-year-olds, and it is not just the Here For You tool that it might be promoting. The app might also help certain shows which promote mental health awareness.”

– confirms India Today


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