Once Again Snapchat Saves a Kidnapped US Teen Life and Rescued by Police

Yet again, Social Media proves to be not alleged for just a life taker but also a lifesaver. And this time, Snapchat is the same to save a kidnapped US teen’s life who got kidnapped a few days ago.


This week a US teen got kidnapped and was drugged and allegedly raped in California. The 14-year-old victim, after getting kidnapped on Tuesday, smartly notified her friends that she had been abducted through Snapchat.

Using this popular platform, her friends were able to locate their friend and immediately informed the Police authorities about the story. Further, Police were able to rescue the victim with the help of her friends and Snapchat tracking by determining her location in one of the motels in San Jose, northern California.

Police also trapped all the three suspects, and among them, one was the main suspect – Albert Vasquez, age 55. Vasquez met the victim just before he kidnapped her by incapacitating the teen with drugs.

After drugging the victim, he then called the other two suspects who forcefully put the girl in a vehicle. Vasquez raped the girl in the car before taking her to a motel. And assaulted her agin in one of the motels of San Jose in northern California.

The suspect got trapped while leaving the motel after they track the location of the victim, said the Police. And the other suspects, Antonio Salvador and Hediberto Avarenga, are also in the custody of Police.

Both the suspects are charged for kidnapping and conspiracy, and Vasquez has been charged with multiple felony counts, including kidnapping to commit rape and rape by intoxication or controlled substance.

Back in 2019, a one 12-year-old Pittsburgh boy reported the authorities that a little girl living a thousand miles far in Texas posted a disturbing snap saying – “I wouldn’t be here tomorrow.”

Local Boy Being Called 'Snapchat Hero'

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The little hero said that he just couldn’t ignore the cry for help from that girl, and it was sure the girl wasn’t pranking. The boy immediately connected to suicide prevention through telephone, which then connected the boy to an “Officer Chandler” from the Grand Saline Police Department in East Texas.

The authorities also took the report seriously and went off to check the girl and found the story right. After saving the girl, they called the boy and said – “She’s fine. It’s real, I feel relieved that she’s OK. I feel like I did something right.”


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