Xiaomi Suspends from the Nest Hub by Google for Camera Infringement Causing Warning for All

Xiaomi recently got suspended by Google from its Google Nest Hub after a user reported the issue on Reddit that he was able to watch stills from strangers home. It isn’t the first time breaching home security cameras, but this news again is very unpleasant.

Google has crippled the camera integration of Xiaomi from its Google Nest Hub as the camera was linked to the Google account. The Xiaomi Mijia camera user requested the feed from his camera via Google Nest Hub, which allows him to get images from other people’s homes.

The reddit user who reported the issue had locked the thread on the platform to avoid a plethora of comments by the public.

This is the post by user u/Dio-V:


Meantime, Google takes on the decision to altogether disable Xiaomi integration from its AI-powered virtual Assistant and Google Home temporarily until they resolve the issue with Xiaomi.

A spokesperson from Google tells Android Police that “We’re aware of the issue and are in contact with Xiaomi to work on a fix. In the meantime, we’re disabling Xiaomi integrations on our devices.”

Moreover, check out these two images by the Reddit user.


[Image Source]

These are the random images of strangers homes fed directly into the Nest Hub of this Reddit user, which contains Xiaomi/Mijia branded date/timestamps, depicting a different time zone than that of the user (u/Dio-V).

9to5Google says –  “this is probably a Xiaomi software issue, rather than a problem with the Google Nest Hub. The camera’s owner states that the issue was created using a Xiaomi Mijia camera running on firmware version 3.5.1_00.66.”

Through this, it is confirmed that its not Google in fault, instead of a software issue with Xiaomi. Followingly, Google responded immediately to the subject by suspending the Chinese smartphone company until the dilemma is resolved.

Further news by Android Police:

“We reached out for further confirmation that this would mean a blanket disabling of all Mi Home product integrations or commands for the Assistant, and we have confirmed that this is the case. Our subsequent attempts to use Mi Home integrated devices through Google Home/Assistant show that Google has already disabled this functionality at the time of our update, and Dio-V (the Reddit user with the original report) has confirmed for us that his camera is no longer working on his Nest Hub.”

“This isn’t the first time that smart home security cameras have has this sort of problem before. Memorably, some used Nest cameras would remain linked to an original owner’s account, providing them a glimpse inside the new purchaser’s home. More recently, Wyze, who makes smart security cameras, also recently suffered a “mistake,” storing unsecured user data in a publicly accessible manner and requiring all customers to pair/set up devices again.”


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