Advantages and Disadvantages of Social Networking Sites

Social networking has completely changed the way we communicate, carry out various business activities, get our news fixed, and much more. However, is it all what it appears to be?

It depends upon who you are talking to or how you are using it. The social media websites like Facebook can serve as the best way to launchpad for a new business owner, and it can be an unavoidable source of negative peer pressure especially for the young teen.

Everything comes with some benefits and drawbacks. Social networking websites are not any exception. Today we live in such a time when technology has reached great heights and no aspect of our life is done without it. Hence, social networking websites are the innovation of the latest technology, which makes this big world look small.

There’re a lot of different social media websites for various purposes, like, Linkedin is mainly used for professionals, whereas Snapchat is the social network targeted mainly at teenagers. There are a lot of pros and cons of social media platforms. Let us look at them in detail.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Social Networking Sites

Advantages of Social Networking Sites

Social media sites are an important tool for anybody to make the right use of them. Many people across the world are making use of social networking platforms for, social awareness, fundraising, promoting their local business, and much more. There’re a lot of benefits of social networking websites providing it is used in the right way. Given is the list of benefits of social networking websites.

Amazing Source of Information

Obviously, social networking is not bad. Probably you might have heard stories of social media websites reuniting many people after natural disasters and raising huge money for charity. At the more basic level, it is used by many parents and even grandparents to keep right track of their kids and grandchildren when they go out traveling and to college.

Stress Buster

Social networking websites work as the stress buster just by acting as an important source of entertainment. Besides for a normal person, it is more satisfying and fun to use social networking sites when taking a small break from their hectic work schedule. It is the best form of relaxation. Social networking websites allow the user to comment, like, upload as well as share pictures and videos all that will make their user happy.

Better Connectivity

Doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a first-grade teacher, former college roommate, an international friend, there is not any faster and easier way to make the connection exist than the social media sites. Even though Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and LinkedIn are the highly well-known social media communities, new websites are coming up regularly, which make people connect or interact on the internet.

With these websites, people can share things, make new connections, build their business and extend their base just by interacting and connecting with their friends and friends – that will have a multiplying effect.

Enjoyment and Fun

You need to admit that the social networking website is fun sometimes. Many people turn to this website when they want a break at their work or to relax at home. As people are social creatures, it is quite satisfying to check out likes and comments that show up on the posts, and it is also very convenient to see exactly what your friends are doing without asking them directly.

Exchange of Collaboration and Ideas

Social media sites like Facebook have got collaboration features such as Group & Document sharing. So, an individual can easily create a group and share information and ideas for a specific purpose. Social networking websites are quite useful to collect comments and feedback on different ideas.

Creates brand Exposure

Any kind of professional organization makes use of their social media presence that will them to connect with the current and the future customers. Most of the platforms allow these businesses to sell the products, directly on their social media account or through the link to the company’s sales page. The process makes it very simple to expand their company reach through the use of these connections, which are possible.

Disadvantages of Social Networking Sites

Like other tools made for humans, social networking sites have several disadvantages in case you don’t use them in the right way. Unware users might encounter a lot of different kinds of problems when using social media websites. Given is the list of some important disadvantages of the social media sites that everybody must be aware of.

Feelings of Isolation

As people are connected every time and can pull up your friend’s social profile just with one click of a mouse and tap of a smartphone, it has become simple to use this online interaction as the substitute for personal interaction. Many people argue that social media promotes antisocial behavior in humans.

Risks of Identity Theft and Fraud

No matter whether you like this or not, but information that you post online is accessible to almost everybody who is clever to access it in a wrong way. Most thieves want just some vital pieces of information that will make anyone’s life a nightmare. Suppose they steal your identity, then it can cost you dearly.

No Life Without a Phone

It is a surprise to a lot of people because many youngsters are totally glued to their smartphones and obsessed with taking selfies. However, it is that perception – and real reality of pressure that they face–that is pushing children to change in the way they approach current technology.


There are many people who make use of social media who gets addicted to this and get distracted from this real world. Particularly, kids and teenagers get affected. They cannot imagine their life without social media. Such people always out check the newsfeed as well as the profile of other people just to waste their time. At times these addictions will lead to tragic consequences.

Exposes People to Plenty of Information

When social media networks started initially, these platforms became an important place of meaningful connection. You can share photographs, videos, and letters with essential people in life. So, because there are many people on this platform, there will be lots of white noise, which drowns out the conversations. Between political arguments, shared links posted selfies, as well as brand videos, which enter a normal news feed daily, it becomes overwhelming to have this information at one glance.

Circulation of Fake News

It is simple to spread false and misleading information over social media. Certain information that gets viral on the social media site is from unreliable sources made purely with an intention of ruining somebody’s reputation as well as causing a loss to them.

As users are totally free to express and put their views ahead, even social media websites won’t take any action for removing them, unless a reader reports that particular post. Even a few users share these posts, without checking the truthfulness.

Final Words

When using social media sites, you need to take responsibility of your safety as well as not join any group only because it’s trendy or your friends are there. While evaluating the given advantages & disadvantages of the social networking site, it is good to err on a side of caution as well as protect your privacy. Stay careful with things you post or treat others like you were in a personal situation.

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