3 Ultimate Free Plagiarism Checker Tools For Every Blogger

Are you trying to avoid plagiarized content in your work? Are you looking for free plagiarism checking tools that will help you detect plagiarism in your content? A blogger may have written the ideal post and included SEO principles into the content of their blog or website.

However, if you do not proofread the articles and do not check to see any duplicated information, you should not consider that post for publishing on your website.

What are plagiarism checker tools?

Plagiarism checker tools are internet applications that assist every author, blogger to check for plagiarism. It examines and compares files to the provided text to identify plagiarism. Plagiarism checker programs enable you to eliminate duplicate material.

It operates sentence-wise and makes your writing 100 percent unique. These tools are highly suggested content writers & bloggers for Publishing original content since unique content is vital to improved SEO results. Bloggers and article writers may use these free plagiarism checkers to assess the originality of their writings.

How a plagiarism checking tool helps bloggers?

Bloggers should take plagiarism seriously since it can result in criminal prosecution if no citations are made, or other actions are taken.

In some cases, accidental plagiarism occurs when you are composing blog articles that have already been covered by another individual. This is one of the most common types of plagiarism that bloggers are responsible for committing.

As a result, even if you have written the website content entirely on your own initiative, it is possible that the content will sound similar to someone else’s thoughts. The plagiarism checker aids in the prevention of copyright issues as well as the verification that your content is entirely original.

3 Free Plagiarism Checker Tools

As a blogger, you have to choose the finest plagiarism checker tool focusing on the basic elements like the correctness of the tool’s report and the effectiveness of the tool.

Easy to use interface of the tool is another factor, how easy to utilize this application, registration for the tool, and inquiries supplied by that tool. Here is a list of the plagiarism detectors are mentioned below:

1. Prepostseo.com


One of the top free plagiarism checker online tools, Prepostseo, can assist you in identifying all forms of copied text in a quick and effective manner. To identify duplicate material, you may either paste the content into the document or upload the document.

They simply do a search for any duplicate material and present the results on the user interface. There is a restriction in that you may only use 1000 words for each search in the free version. It displays the findings as a percentage percent and allows you to download the report in PDF format.

The finest feature is that it assists you in rephrasing duplicate information in order to make it distinctive. In addition, an embedded URL to test the readability of your work is included.

The Prepostseo chrome plugin may be used for content verification if you have already published the material or if you want to check the originality of website content before publishing it.

Simply choose the material and use the right-click menu to select the option to check for plagiarism. This will provide you with speedier results when determining whether or not there is any duplicate material.

The use of a free grammar checker and the display of keyword density in this tool will also assist you in optimizing your content for search engine optimization (SEO). That’s why, The majority of them may be used by bloggers for SEO optimization, backlink checking, grammatical checking, domain authority checking, and many other purposes.

2. Papersowl.com


The second tool, papersowl, is yet another fully free plagiarism checker that provides accurate findings. It allows you to search for 1000 words with a single click, and you can instantly paste the material into the search box to get the results.

Additionally, it allows for the uploading of files as well as the exclusion of URLs for the purpose of scanning for duplicate material. It will scan through your blogs on numerous pages in order to evaluate the level of originality in your work. Whenever any duplicate content is detected, the tool will notify you and provide you with the URL to the original content.

The text is first broken down into sentences, and then each and every sentence is examined for possible copycat behavior. If there is more than one result for that phrase, the result will be highlighted in red, and if the content is unique, a green warning will be shown.

You may also use the comparison tool to determine the degree to which two texts are similar. All results are shown in real-time, allowing you to instantly compare your content with any of the matched URLs with a single click on your mouse. You may also access that tool straight from the page containing the plagiarism comparison tool.

3. Editpad.org


It is another best online free tool for detecting plagiarism in written material. Find duplicate material, provide sources for non-quoted text, and receive a plagiarism report for freelance blogger’s writing projects.

In order to detect plagiarism, the plagiarism checker examines your text and compares it with online databases and previously published stuff on the internet. To make use of a plagiarism checker, follow these steps:

  • Input the text into the input box by typing or copying, and pasting it. Or,
  • Uploading a file from a computer is possible.
  • To check for plagiarism, click on the “Check Plagiarism” button.
  • It features a straightforward UI and is completely free to use.

The following are some of the additional aspects of the plagiarism detector:

  • You are able to directly from your computer, and you may upload files in the following formats: DOC, DOCX, TXT, and PDF.
  • It reveals the percentages of unique and considered plagiarized information in a document. You may download the plagiarism report so that you may share it with your clients or learners.
  • At the present, you may check up to 1000 words for free using a plagiarism checker. When it comes to discovering duplicate content, it applies new technology.
  • It performs broad searches on the internet and in archives in order to discover plagiarism.


There is a high chance that your blog may be accused of plagiarism because of the carelessness with which it is handled. It’s not only when you hire someone else to write a blog for you that plagiarism might arise; if you accept guest posts from other bloggers, it’s possible that some of the articles you get may not be original, which could harm your SEO and put your blog in jeopardy.

Use plagiarism checkers to ensure that you’re dealing with original information at all times, and this should be your first line of defense. Based on the simplicity of use and service offerings, above are the three free plagiarism checker tools for every blogger. Now, it’s up to you which one you go with, based on your wants and needs.

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