7 Applications of Computer in Hospitals

In today’s world computer has become an important necessity in every type of field. To make the use of computers easily there are many software’s and applications have been developed which makes it simple. Computer applications are easy to use and all the tiresome and heavy work can be done on it easily by anyone. Computers make the work easy and increase the output of management and process. With the help of proper applications, it is very convenient to manage the data and execute the actions. Computers are designed to work in any way the user wants and computer applications are the means to it.

Hospitals are very important in the day-to-day life of human beings. Hospitals are equipped with the medical equipment and well-trained staff, which are must to get the proper treatment to tackle any disease or diagnose any patients. Hospitals are big buildings filled with patients getting treated, and managing those patients need the help of computer software and applications which keep the data of all the patients. Handling that many patients are not an easy task do, their data, what treatment they are in, what medications they are on, it is impossible to memorize all that information of many patients a doctor. There are many software that eases the work of managing all the information.

Applications of Computer in Hospitals

Electronic Health Record

EHR is fully formed as Electronic Health Record. Electronic Health Record software application is one the most well-liked software which is almost used by every hospital and clinic. CRM and EHR are almost similar in working, But EHR is designed according to the use of the medical industry.

EHR software application is used to collect the data of Patients – For example, The doctors they are seeing, the medication they are on, and the diagnosis they are under. Many software provides the features for invoicing, and payment, and also different portals where patients can access their medical data, and history and seek consultation.

Medical Database

The medical database software application is the same as the Electronic Health Record Application, this application also stores the history and the treatment plans of the patients. However, it does not save the data with the patient’s profile but the database is categorized by the patient’s disease. This software application helps doctors to go through a similar case in which their patients are in and make better diagnostic decisions.

Medical Research

MRS is fully formed as Medical Research Software. This software application has two main primary goals: education and sharing research. Medical research software is mostly used to train medical candidates and to look for similar treatment cases that cannot be found internally.

Medical Diagnosis

Medical Diagnosis software is data exchanging software. It is for those doctors who want to exchange patient records for filling the gaps of information that prevent them to provide proper treatment. This software has an AI which analyzes the patient’s data and provides proper diagnoses. There are mobile applications that help the patient to keep track of the symptoms.


Today’s medical hospitals and clinics are shifting towards E Prescribing, in almost every country e-prescriptions are becoming commonly used. The software application allows the doctors to keep track, renew and stop the prescriptions of their patients. It also collaborated with an authorized drug reference database.

Hospital Management

Hospital Management Software guides the hospital management in their daily operations. These types of applications mostly help in automatic accounting, patient management, Bed allocation, tracking inventory, and billing. Electronic health software works alongside the Hospital management software to manage and track the patient’s data.

Appointment Scheduling

Appointment Scheduling Software helps hospitals and clinics to manage patient appointment scheduling online. Primarily, the applications allow the patients to schedule their appointment via the hospital website or applications. This software provides the feature of reminders for both the doctors and patients for the patient’s appointment.


Hospitals are very large and carry many patients’ treatments, these software applications help the medical personnel to manage the data of medical patients, and keep the track of their treatment and what medications they take. This software aid in the proper treatment of the patients and plays a vital role in managing hospitals and clinics.

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