What is E-Ball Technology?

E-Ball Technology is the latest innovation in the Computer domain, dwindling the size of computers as never before. This technology is evolving and improvising in terms of size, design, and utilities. Besides, it is the smallest computer ever made with all the features of a traditional computer.

The E Ball Technology is a small spherical shaped PC device that was innovated by a North Macedonian product designer named “Apostol Tnokovski.” In 2010, the same person invented the Hydra Piano concept, especially for Lady Gaga, which made him a famous designer.


E-Ball Technology

E Ball Technology

It is the new concept of emerging technology as a PC, predominantly invented to ease working without any use of hardware. Moreover, it is a small pellet of innovation that is useful in many guises offering the same class of features as the usual computer does. 

Most noticeably, this E Ball Technology operates on laser rays technique with an operating system and no external display. The shape and design of E Ball can amaze anyone by what it is sustaining inside. There is a complete set of a computer inside the ball with all standard components, including a display, mouse, and virtual keyboard.

Besides, all the fantastic features, the E Ball Technology replacing the computer to be placed on two stands. It is turned on by pressing two buttons concurrently on either side. Beholding stands, the sphere provides a projection through an LCD projector. Also, there are navigation keys on the ball for adjustment purposes. 


  • Small compact in size with only 6 inches in diameter and 160mm round sphere
  • 120×120 mm motherboard with a maximum capacity of 600 GB hard disk drive and 5 GB of RAM
  • Supports wireless optical mouse, LCD projector, and virtual laser keyboard
  • Featuring 50W speakers, a webcam, dual-core processor, LAN, and WLAN card
  • It comprises of integrated graphics, sound card, and LCD projector paper holder

Elements of E-Ball Technology

E Ball Technology Elements

The E Ball PC involves all sorts of elements that are peculiar in an ordinary computer. The following are the attributes that make E Ball Technology compact and solicitude in use. 


It embeds the dual-core processor in the same integrated circuit enabling its own cache as well controller to function efficiently.


E Ball comprises of a holographic display which constructs the field of 3D projected light not only on the surface but in air space with the help of coherent light. It is a type of display that helps in the reconstruction of light.

RAM and Hard Disk Drive

This technology uses 5 GB of Random Access Memory for random accessing of frequently used files and up to 600 GB of hard disk space to store data as well as information.

Graphic and Sound Card

The E Ball Technology is enhanced with integrated graphic and sound card capable of generating output images on the screen and sound in the speakers.


Also, it features a webcam that can be extensively helpful in many ways. It gets connected through a USB cable.

LAN and WLAN Cards

Both of these cards are pre-installed on this technology to help users get connected to the local area network or wide area network wirelessly.

Speakers and DVD Recorder

There are a total of two inbuilt 50W speakers and an HD DVD Recorder for recording different sessions.

Power and Modem Port

Both of these ports are available in E Ball PC for connectivity to external devices and an internet connection.

E-Ball Technology Working Explanation

The working of E Ball Technology is unique and out of the box. This small piece of innovation can be the most powerful in the upcoming future. Let’s see how this ball of computer works.

  • As soon as you press the two buttons simultaneously, a projector pops up, and it displays the computer screen on the wall or any flat surface.
  • As there is no external display, a projector is installed for displaying the computer screen. Also, it gets adjusted with the help of navigation keys on the ball.
  • Besides, if there is no wall or any flat surface, this technology also supports a paper holder. In this case, the projector displays the screen on white paper.
  • There is a laser keyboard for typing and taking inputs by touching on the flat surface rather than depressing the original keys. Also, it uses two types of technology in a virtual keyboard.
  • In the first one, wireless Bluetooth technology is used to send signals for the touched keys on any projected surface. And in the second one, the optical image of the keyboard is projected on the flat surface. As the user touches an image of any particular key, it recognizes it through the IR sensor.
  • Also, the software interface of this technology is quite similar to that of Microsoft Windows.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using E-Ball PC


  • Useful in preparing video presentations and streaming online
  • Supports Webcam and has ample storage
  • Great for watching movies and listening to music
  • Portable that means easy to carry
  • High-speed performance for executing tasks
  • Small and compact than other computers
  • Clean and interactive user interface like Windows
  • Supports laser virtual keyboard and paper holder


  • Unpredictive cost (can be higher than ordinary ones)
  • Cannot be useful for performing high-end tasks
  • Does not support every apps and service
  • Difficult to understand the hardware

The Final Takeaway

With rising technology and more exceptional innovations, we have seen a significant reduction in the size of upcoming devices. Well, with this, we can conclude that future technology would become more compressed and minimalistic.  

Furthermore, E Ball Technology has superior applications of use. This reduced size technology is one of the smartest innovations that can be useful in compliance with smartphones.    

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