6 Best Free Offline Music Players for iPhone 2024

There’re many iPhone music players app that you may download and use for listening to your favorite music. There’re plenty of music applications for your Apple device that you must not feel ever stuck with Apple music.

Apple has kept music as its top priority & the iPod family is a highly fascinating example of the music-related innovation. Whereas iPods today have become quite obsolete, their technology has carried over iPhone & services like Apple Music.

However, if you are looking to play the local music files and want a highly personalized music experience for your Apple device, here we have listed some best iPhone music player applications that you should definitely try out. Here are some top iPhone Music Player applications that you must use.

6 Best Free Offline Music Players for iPhone

Best Free Offline Music Players for iPhone

1. Melodista Music Offline Player

Melodista Music Offline Player

Melodista is an amazing offline player for all the music lovers out there. It is designed to match high-end iOS user experience, come included with the new system technologies. One simple Playlist system makes sure you can easily access all types of music & arrange them in whichever way you want. You can collect all your favorite music from the authorized sources in just one single application. Melodista player is quite efficient and fast.


  • Import tracks from the clouds & Files application
  • Create & organize the folder playlists
  • Supports several audio formats
  • Manage, move, copy, rename & transfer files
  • Share with your friends
  • Edit Song Picture & name
  • Dark Mode
  • Use a sleep timer
  • Player will be updated every 2 weeks with the new features
  • Popular player controls

Download: https://apps.apple.com/in/app/melodista-music-offline-player/id1293175325

2. Evermusic: offline music

Evermusic offline music

Evermusic is another feature-packed music app for iPhone & iPad. This app features an amazing interface as well as comes with various tools that allow you to keep your songs well-organized by using a proficient playlist manager. Because it supported major audio formats, which include AAC, MP3, WAV, M4A, M4R, and AIFF it ensures you do not need to deal with any incompatibility issues.

With the iTunes File Sharing & Wi-Fi transfer support, the Evermusic app makes it very simple to import any kind of audio file from the computer. Basically, it works as the handiest audiobook player because of its amazing features like the playback speed control, audio bookmarks, as well as saving of the media position. There’s an equalizer with various presets for the popular music types. For the personalized experience, you may fine-tune the manual equalizer settings & tweak preamplifier gain.


  • Provide support for the Apple CarPlay
  • Helps you stream music to your Apple TV & Google Chromecast devices
  • Equalizer with various presets
  • iTunes File Sharing & Wi-Fi transfer support
  • Strong ID3 tags editor

Download: https://apps.apple.com/in/app/evermusic-offline-music/id885367198

3. Music Player X Audio Equalizer

Music Player X Audio Equalizer

Music Player X Audio Equalizer is a lightweight app that simplifies your boosting for songs as well as tuning of music. It is one great audio player that is designed for playing songs from your music library & iTunes. You can also customize the theme color & texts, manage playlists very easily with this amazing app.

You can play your favorite music whichever you want & with richer sound quality. Use the most powerful EQX Equalizer and XBass Bass Booster to experience new levels of quality. On the other hand, you can enjoy the DJ crossfader, 3D Audio FX, Song Timer, and much more. You can make sure of Music Player X equalizer to satisfy your musical mind!


  • 3D Audio
  • 5-band equalizer feature
  • Simple control on your playlist management
  • Bass boost

Download: https://apps.apple.com/in/app/music-player-x-audio-equalizer/id1221701870

4. Audify Music Player

Audify Music Player

This is one attractive music player, which allows you to listen to your favorite music stored on an Apple device. Besides, it provides you an amazing possibility of equalizing the perfect sound to get maximum quality from every music track you select.

When it comes to the visual treat, Audify Music Player provides the best material design look, which is very attractive & user-friendly. Because of this, you will not need to fumble over the complicated buttons and features. Everything in the app is very clearly laid out hence you may focus on what is important – that’s listening to your favorite music.


  • Full widget support.
  • Browse different songs from the app
  • Beautiful themes in two sets.
  • Play songs straight from the folder inside an App.
  • Take away annoying clips from the Music Player when scanning this app.
  • Design playlists according to your mood & add songs.
  • 5-band equalizer
  • Set Ringtone within music player.

Download: https://apps.apple.com/in/app/audify-music-player/id1565520195

5. VLC for Mobile

VLC for Mobile

VLC is the most trusted music player app for your iPhone. It is one amazing good option if you wish to go alone & get out from Apple Music. Not just does this play most of the music & video files (unsupported formats FLAC), but it also has amazing support for several audio tracks. VLC is an extensive program, which will handle much, thus give it one try if you are a fan of media.

VLC is a complete audio player app with support for several audio and video file types, which includes MP4, MKV, FLAC & OGG. Media junkies may access the internet streams, disk shares, and DVD ISOs. There is support for the multi-track audio & subtitles and just one minor caveat to take care of is that gesture control of this app is quite sensitive.


  • Transfer music through the browser via Wi-Fi, and use cloud services such as Dropbox & Google Drive.
  • App supports file sharing on FTP, SMB & UPnP.
  • VLC for Mobile does not have to get open for playing media.

Download: https://apps.apple.com/in/app/vlc-for-mobile/id650377962

6. KMPlayer


KM Player is a K-Multimedia player app that is exclusively made for windows & supports any format windows play. Some of its supported formats have the complete range and most common ones include DVD, VCD, MKV, AVI, Ogg & OGM.

When we talk about its popularity then it’s worth saying that this app has a very good user following and this is the reason that independent download sites allow users not just to download this player but rate it to ensure that new users will check out the reviews before downloading it.


  • Slow-motion support
  • Gesture support for simple access
  • KMP connect makes share media a simple process
  • Subtitles for the mobile viewing

Download: https://apps.apple.com/in/app/kmplayer/id835776444

Final Words

We hope the given best free offline music players for iPhone can provide you the best music listening experience. These apps won’t just widen your gamut of formats that you may access on the iPhone device but also motivate you to enrich the audio quality by tweaking an equalizer & other sound enhancement features.

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