3 Ways to Recover Files from USB Pen Drive Infected by Shortcut Virus

Here you will learn how to recover files from USB pen drive infected by shortcut virus.

Pen drive shortcut virus is very common among windows users. Few days back I copied files from my friend’s pc to pen drive. When I inserted the pen drive in my pc then nothing was displayed except a shortcut. I checked the pen drive properties and found that it was using some space. It means the files are there but I was unable to access due the shortcut virus. I searched on internet and luckily found solution for this problem and successful recovered my files.

Below I am sharing all those possible solutions for this problem.

How to Recover Files from USB Pen Drive Infected by Shortcut Virus

Method 1:

It is one of the quickest methods to recover files.

Open your USB drive and type * in the search box at top right corner. This will display all the files present in the pen drive. You can also search for a particular file by its name. Now you can easily copy the files that you want.

Method 2:

1. Open Command Prompt and type following command.
attrib -h -r -s /s /d G:*.*

2. Here G is the drive letter. Just replace it with your usb drive letter.

3. Now press enter to execute the command.

4. Open your usb drive, there you can see a folder without any name as shown in below image. It contains all the files.

Method 3:

You can also use some data recovery software to recover your files. EaseUS data recovery software is best among all. You can download it from below link.

Download: http://www.easeus.com/datarecoverywizard/free-data-recovery-software.htm

I hope this article helped you. Comment below if you are facing any problem.

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