How to See Who Viewed My Facebook Profile?

Have you ever wondered about the same question?

I bet you must have, and that’s the reason you’re reading this blog.

It is one of the most important questions that people ask about social media. Besides, we are always eager to know who communicates with our website and who might snoop. Yet there is no legit way of saying who views your profile.

In this article, we’ll clear all your doubts about whether you can know who viewed your Facebook profile or not.

How to See Who Viewed My Facebook Profile?

So, let’s talk about facts first!

Facebook on its Help Centre platform has clearly stated:

“No, Facebook doesn’t let people track who views their profile. Third-party apps also can’t provide this functionality. If you come across an app that claims to offer this ability, please report the app.

How to see who viewed my Facebook profile

As you can see the official post by Facebook, the platform has never provided any such feature to its users. Facebook has its own privacy issues in the past but recently a Social Report Editor, Reggie Azevedo had said that “Facebook’s API does not grant developers access to such data, nor do they offer a feature or report for this natively on their website or mobile app.”

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Why Doesn’t Facebook Allow to See Who Viewed Your Profile?

Andrew Selepak, PhD, the director of the graduate program in social media at the University of Florida says “We all look up friends, former friends, exes, and coworkers on Facebook, and we don’t want users to know when we look up their page. If this was possible, there is a chance people would spend less time on the site and thus hurt Facebook’s revenue.”

What about third-party apps that claim to provide such insights?

Never install an app that tells you who viewed your Facebook profile on your PC or cell phone. Both of these applications jeopardise the privacy and confidentiality of your Facebook account. After your Facebook ID and password have signed into the app, app developers are allowed to view any of your Facebook accounts.

There are several reasons behind these third-party apps providing you with such insights. Some of them are listed below:

  • To see your shopping settings to steal details on your credit card or any personal information.
  • Many of these programmes are malware that can contaminate the browser, device or cell phone.
  • Many hackers use these apps to access your Facebook account, change your password and change your posts.
  • To obtain access to your personal information and data, to market it to advertisement companies.

However, a large number of users are attempting to discover who accessed their Facebook profile; more of these applications begin to emerge.

You should immediately change your Facebook password if you’ve activated one of these applications and you are worried that your Facebook account has been jeopardised. In addition, you can also remove Facebook app permissions for the following app that you’ve given access to.

The Final Takeaway!

The question or we may say the user demanded feature “how to see who viewed my profile” will always remain subtly. Maybe in future, Facebook may introduce a kind of feature that may provide some insights, but specifically knowing who viewed my Facebook profile, doesn’t seem something that Facebook will offer.

Hope you would find this blog useful, and if there’s any related query, please let us know in the comment box below.

Hurray to Facebook!

And cheers to Social World!

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