Prepaid vs Postpaid – Difference between Prepaid and Postpaid Connection

Prepaid vs Postpaid connection – Which one is better?

This unclarified doubt has always been on everyone’s mind. And practically why it should not. Moreover, there’s always been a buzz between prepaid and postpaid plans. People often make the wrong choices on whether to go for a prepaid or postpaid connection.

In this article, we will not only help you to identify critical differences between prepaid vs postpaid connection. Also, you will come to know which link is suitable for your requirements. So, let’s move on and keep reading the content.

Well, everybody knows, Prepaid is a connection in which you have to make advance payments for making use of any service afterwards. On the other hand, a Postpaid connection is that if any user pays for services at the end of the month based on usages made.

So, what would you like – paying in advance or at the end?

Except, it depends upon the user’s choices and preferences. And that will be the same in case of you. Still, we will tell you which one you should opt for and why.

Professionals like corporate employees, people in business, and people of business class prefer postpaid connection over prepaid. But the youth and ordinary class people believe more in prepaid connection. So, you can consider there’s always a fight compelling between prepaid and postpaid SIM.

Concluding both the rivalry connections, let look at both types of connections.

Prepaid vs Postpaid Connection


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In a prepaid sim connection, a user has to purchase credits in advance for making use of services such as calling, messaging, internet surfing, etc. After purchasing credits, users can avail of the benefits of specific services until the credits are exhausted or to the date of the last validity (whichever comes first).

As soon as the credit expires, the operator stops offering services to the beneficiary account, and again, you have to purchase new credits. It is how the whole process of prepaid connection works.

Now talking about postpaid sim connection, all you have to do is avail services in advance and pay at the end of the month. Besides, this works based on the contract. Users are chargeable at the end of the month for a particular limit of messages and calls they have made (as per the agreement).

Now, you are not restrained from being in that particular limit. The limit is crossable for every user, which we consider to call “unlimited credit.” Also, keep in mind, the amount of extra services is use, you will be billed accordingly. If your usage is varying between the amount as per contract or lesser, the charges are flat and simple.

Furthermore, both kinds of connections have their own merits and demerits. It depends upon your choice and requirement which one you should take.

Difference between Prepaid and Postpaid Connection

Basis Prepaid Postpaid
Meaning Paying advance on the purchase of credits and using it afterwards To pay at the end of the month for services used in advance
Flexibility Non-flexible & once the recharge is done, it cannot be changed Flexible in nature and can be changed as per the usage
Pricing Costs lower than postpaid as there is a limit on usage Offers unlimited usage so costs higher than prepaid
Billing Cycle No billing cycle There is a billing cycle of a month to month
Customer Credit There is no such importance of credit history for prepaid connection Credit history matters to avail the postpaid plan offers
Physical bill There is no physical or electronic bill given to the user Physical bill and electric bill both are provided at the end of the month
Duration Depends upon the plan you purchase Monthly plans as per the contract


Which One Should You Opt?

If you are indulged in a corporate or if you are in any particular profession or engaged in business, obviously you should choose postpaid plans. And this is because business persons and professionals require to stay on phone calls and messages regularly. Also, there are many businesses which may require regular phone calling and sending messages to their clients.

So, opting for a postpaid connection would be a much wiser choice for these kinds of peoples. Therefore, they do not have to stay stuck in a limited amount of validity, credits, and monthly usage. With postpaid connection, for such type of needs, may also be cost-effective in terms of usage than prepaid plans.

Furthermore, young people like students and non-professional employees do not require much amount of daily usage. They are more likely to make fewer calls and send fewer messages. Besides, what they need is an internet pack for surfing videos, playing games, and doing less amount of hectic work than professionals.

So, in the case of these peoples, choosing prepaid connection would be more cost-effective rather than paying for extra amount monthly unnecessarily. Ordinary people can even survive for more than three days without having a recharge (not in case of everyone). So, with a limited amount of usage, one should go with the prepaid connection.


Both prepaid and postpaid connections are better in their ways. Instead, one should make a proper choice based on their needs. Also, as discussed earlier, it much depends on user choices and preferences. If you can pay extra for small usage too, you can too choose postpaid connection, and there’s no harm in that.

But not everyone can afford or anyone willing to pay extra. So, these were some of the facts and difference between prepaid and postpaid connection. If you have something for us to know, then please let us know in the comment box below.

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