How to Know Who Viewed My WhatsApp Profile?

“How to know who viewed my WhatsApp profile?”

This question remains in the mind of people when other apps like Facebook offer such a feature. You can know on Facebook that who viewed your profile undeviatingly, but WhatsApp doesn’t offer any such feature.

WhatsApp is the most popular instant messaging app, and according to, the app has more than 1.5 billion active users worldwide. With large-scale presence and high popularity, each user feels like they should know about who viewed their WhatsApp profile.

Unfortunately, WhatsApp doesn’t offer any such features that allow its users to check on their profile visits. However, many third-party apps are offering such services to check on “who viewed my WhatsApp profile?” Also, many websites and platforms claim that their service is reliable and can be trusted.

But are people still in the dilemma that they can know:

  • Who viewed my WhatsApp profile?
  • Who viewed my WhatsApp profile picture?
  • Who viewed my WhatsApp About section?

Let’s check it out if it’s possible to find “How to know who viewed my WhatsApp profile?”

How to Know Who Viewed My WhatsApp Profile?

How to know who viewed my WhatsApp profile

As per our research and findings, we came to know that there are some exclusive apps such as Whats Tracker for WhatsApp Android, Whats Tracker, BlackMart Alpha, Aptoide, etc. for tracking who’s visiting your WhatsApp profile.

The conclusion drawn by us?

They are all fake! Nothing but just a waste of time, and it will make you happy by giving the fake list of your WhatsApp contacts who visited your profile.

Yeah! This is a fact. No third party apps can find out who viewed your WhatsApp profile or profile picture. These apps randomly pick people from your WhatsApp contacts list, prepare a fake list, and showcase it to you.

And people think that they know who viewed their WhatsApp profile, but it’s not. You can never know about this because WhatsApp would never compromise with its user privacy. Moreover, WhatsApp has secured its user data with end to end encryption, so that none other could see the WhatsApp users app data.

Also, speaking of these third-party platforms, by providing these fake services and manipulating users, it will increase their installs on Google Play Store and ultimately escalating their income. So, don’t ever trust such platforms.

Here’s a catch!

WhatsApp by default only offers to know who viewed your WhatsApp status. And it’s now very common for everyone.


WhatsApp has its policy, rules, and regulations, which strictly states that the user data and privacy are their priority and must never be compromised with anyone. So, just think of it and you will realize that these apps are fooling people around and making money.

It’s simply a waste of time, which will make you happy that you know who visited your WhatsApp profile. Maybe, they have never visited your profile and you are getting the wrong intentions. There is no legit way to find “How to who viewed my WhatsApp profile?”

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