RedTacton Technology – A Brief Guide

We hear a lot about new and upgrading technologies in our daily life. But what if someone tells you about the transmission of a network through the human body surface. Yes, it’s true!. And there’s a way out for it.

RedTacton is a technology currently in development through which human bodies act as the medium for the transmission of networks and data. RedTacton is a type of Human Area Networking Technology which uses the human surface for communication of short-distance systems safely.

The technology is distinctly different from other wired, wireless, and infrared technologies. Unlike other technologies, Red Tacton emits an electric field over the surface of the human body. And this electric field acts as a medium of transmission of data.

It sounds crazy, yet it’s true, and now our human body parts can supply data from sender to the receiver’s point. Also, without any use of wire or wireless communication, we can transfer data.

RedTacton Technology


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In the term RedTacton“, Red signifies a warm color that emphasis on friendly and cordial communications. Tacton means triggering of action through touching. As soon as any human body part comes in contact with this technology, it will start working.

Here’s a catch:

RedTacton Technology works on point to point network. If there is any single point missing or disconnected communication will not take place. This point to point network is also known as a piconet.

Besides, this piconet allows transmission of data from the sender to the receiver’s point by reducing function I/O redundancies. Moreover, by doing so, it will enable more conveniences and services to human society.

Furthermore, this technology can elevate duplex communication at a maximum speed of 10 Mbps. Also, the technology can work with items of clothing, shoes, and other accessories we wear on our body. There is no need to store or process the information on the server as direct communication takes place.

Components and How it Works?

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The above figure displays the block diagram of working of Red Tacton over the human body surface. This block diagram will quickly help you understand its mechanism and working. Let’s discuss the components and working in detail:

  • Similar to other technologies, Red Tacton will also have one transmitter and one receiver. Both the sender and receiver devices are Red Tacton enabled.
  • As we know, the human body generates minute electric charges; this will enable the Red Tacton to transfer data between source and destination.
  • The transceiver contains a Data Sense circuit for controlling and receiving the signals. Also, there is one insulating film connecting to the human body and an electrode for transmitting and receiving messages.
  • The transmitter consists of a transmitter circuit and receiver consists of Electro-optic sensor for receiving electric fields. Both this transmitter circuit and Electro-optic sensor connects with Data Sense circuit for control.
  • When both transmitter and receiver part comes in contact with the human body, the transmitter induces a low electric field on the surface of the human body.
  • This electric field passes through the human body to the receiver’s point, where Electro-optic sensor properties are then affected.
  • There’s one detector circuit on the receiver’s point which converts the electric field into electric signals to retrieve the data transmitted.

It is how Red Tacton technology works! Here’s another catch:

Multiple transceivers can work simultaneously. As Red Tacton uses CSMA/CD protocol, it allows various access from the same medium with numerous nodes. The only difference is each card have a unique address for accessibility.


  • No harm to the human body as there is no direct contact of human skin with electrode
  • Speed doesn’t reduce as the number of users increases
  • Transmits data at a higher rate of 10 Mbps
  • Each communication takes place at different channels
  • The transceivers are highly customizable and programmable to ensure what information is shareable and with whom
  • Less loss of data as well as the use of energy
  • More security as hackers cannot hack electric fields on the human body


Human Touch

Human touch can completely control this technology for its operations. Like touching, moving, sitting, walking, shaking, gripping, etc. can control the functioning of Red Tacton. It can start or stop, lock, and unlock the device with human movements.

Duplex Communication

Duplex communication executes at a speed of 10 Mbps, and there is no need for any server to store and process information. Transmission speed never gets deteriorated as the path is the human body surface.

Work With Other Media

Not the only human body this technology also works with other transmission media such as conductors and dielectrics. The combination of both is work-full for transmission of data and information.

Why Red Tacton Technology – Applications?

  • In hospitals, patients can use this technology to transmit their reports to the doctor without any error directly.
  • At construction sites, an alarm rings when someone other touches special equipment of supervisors.
  • Information that needs to be transmitted is directly, safely, and securely sent to the receiver with just a touch.
  • No need to insert smart cards, business cards as communication takes place naturally by human actions and behavior.
  • Transfer of data from mobile to printer, audio, and video from PC to tablets, sensitive information from person to person can be done without the use of any wired or wireless media.
  • Applicable in security through user verification and lock management at the entrance by just touching the door.
  • Confidential file and data management by authentication of users.
  • In marketing applications and advertising by just touching you get all the in-depth insights of customers.
  • The technology can be a resource in the army and forces as well to access weapons only by themselves and many more.

Comparison of RedTacton with Other Networks

Networks Distance & Speed Ground Line Duplex Communication Electrode
Red Tacton Maximum speed up to 10 Mbps Needs coupling between the earth ground and equipment Possible in all ways No direct contact between the electrode and the human body
Bluetooth Maximum speed up to 3 Mbps Difficult to rein in the signal and can be tapped Possible under certain condition No use electrode
Voltage Electric Maximum speed up to 11 kbps Needs coupling between the earth ground and equipment Likely under certain conditions Communication can be made even with thin insulators
Amperage Electric Maximum speed up to 3 kbps Needs clear signal lines for body and ground Not possible in any way There must be constant contact of the electrode with the human body

Future Scope

Red Tacton technology can simplify our daily routines and may become a useful resource shortly. Also, it has a wide range of new functionalities which will eliminate human errors and increases more efficiency and productivity.

Moreover, Human Area Network can become the most potent and prominent ways of data exchange as well as the communication pathways. New things with excellence could be achieved shortly as the technology is currently in development.


Humans have entered into the world of networks where everything depends upon networking. Many areas can get benefits of this technology. By comparing Red Tacton technology with others, it stands out to be the revolutionary and will change the patterns of communication.

There’s no doubt in saying that RedTacton is our near future and soon we will start noticing the changes. But at last, I would say entirely relying on technology is also not suitable for human society. Hope humans would find ideas to use the technology compassionately.

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