SAP vs Salesforce – Difference between SAP and Salesforce

Salesforce and SAP both are some of the widely used CRM software by the companies. Both the CRM solutions are available with the cloud-based solutions. But still, there are several differences between SAP and Salesforce. Therefore, most of the companies get confused while choosing one of them. That is why in this article, we will explore and understand Salesforce and SAP. We will also compare them based on several aspects and finally move to the caparison table. Hence if you want to understand which one is better from Salesforce and SAP, read this article carefully.

What is SAP?

SAP is also a famous and widely used ERP software developed for businesses. The complete name of SAP is System, Applications, and Product that is mainly utilized for data processing tasks. With its help, businesses can process and execute all business activities and share information without any challenges. And if businesses need to operate their sales and marketing activities. They can acquire this CRM or customer relationship management software. This tool is available with the option of on-premise deployment as well as cloud based option. Hence the businesses have all the choices to implement this CRM software for their business.

What is Salesforce?

Sales if the SaaS product or the SaaS CRM product, and here the SaaS means is the software as a Service. The SaaS products do not require any installation process and physical storage. They work over the server of the device. And to use Salesforce, the user can use their sign-in email and the password and start running business processes. The Salesforce was developed in 1999 by March Benioff, D. Moellenhoff, Parker Harris, and Frank Dominguez. All four founders contributed to developing these SaaS-based products and helped businesses. Initially, it was established as the CRM tool, but now it provides a bunch of other services to its users. Now both the developers and users can avail several modified features and technologies to enhance their working processes.

Difference between SAP and Salesforce

SAP vs Salesforce

We have learned some foundational information about SAP vs Salesforce. So let’s also understand some significant differences between Salesforce and SAP CRM.

Both the Salesforce and SAP CRM offer great features and integration options for the user. But using SAP cloud for the integration with SAP ERP is relatively more straightforward than Salesforce. Because the user will feel more challenged to integrate Salesforce with SAP ERP.

When it comes to interface or UI, then Salesforce is the better choice compared to SAP cloud. And it also provides a better configuration solution to make the task more effective.

Also, Salesforce is more demanding cloud based CRM than the SAP solution because of its user-friendly user interface.

SAP released several exciting offers for the industry needed components, including its CRM solution. However, Salesforce is mainly focused on its CRM-based components.

Both the companies have better customer support and also offer toll-free customer support service. However, Salesforce has a vast community, and they keep sharing helpful ideas to make work more efficient with Salesforce. The third-party companies who provide the services around these tools are more likely to provide an option for Salesforce than the SAP cloud.

In the CRM integration, Salesforce provides several features and tools to make this process more agile. For example, it provides automation marketing features, and it also captured the MuleSoft that is an integration service provider. And because of this, it has made its integration facility for its user more robust and trusted. On the other hand, SAP provides simple integration with its cloud based solutions with its ERP-based tools. Also, its integration process is more economical than Salesforce.

SAP has also launched its SAP cloud platform for users who prefer SaaS-based CRM for their business. But Salesforce is one of those companies that launched the SaaS solution for its users in the early stages. And from then to now, it has been committed to providing a better SaaS experience for its users.

Comparison SAP CRM Salesforce CRM
Cloud-Based Solution


SAP CRM is now also available in the form of a cloud-based solution. Or we can say it has also started its SaaS platforms for the user, and it is also available with the option of premise deployment. Salesforce primarily provides cloud-based solutions for users, and it does not support premise deployment.
Ratings SAP has achieved 3-star ratings from its 107 users. As the SAP has started offering its solution later after the Salesforce hence it has fewer reviews. On the other hand, Salesforce has obtained 4-star ratings from over 8800 users.
Subscription Method 


If the user wants to get the SAP cloud-based solution, they need to pay the monthly subscription. However, they need to pay the license charge in advance to get the SAP ERP solution. Whereas Salesforce runs its monthly subscription, and if the user wants to use Salesforce CRM, they can pay the monthly subscription and use this tool.
Additional Features Cost


If you use additional features in SAP, then you do not require to pay extra. But it is essential to pay the perceptual license fee and yearly maintenance charges. If you want to get extra features in Salesforce, you must pay extra for every additional feature.
Fast Experience The user of SAP will get a bit slower speed experience than Salesforce. The user of Salesforce gets a fast experience compared to SAP.


So, in this article, we compared Salesforce vs. SAP CRM and here, we also compared both the CRM solutions. Moreover, here you understand that Salesforce has a vast community, and it also offers mostly SaaS-based CRM solutions. Whereas SAP has both the options available, and users can acquire either ERP or SaaS-based solutions. Also, the integration of SAP SaaS is more accessible than the Salesforce integration. Thus, now you can analyze which one from SAP vs. Salesforce is better for your needs.

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