9 Best Online Second Hand Books Sites in India 2024

The unorganized industry of the used books is now getting organized with the emergence of websites that are dedicated to selling only second hand books on the internet. The number is rising in the coming years. People are mainly attracted to mouthwatering discounts, different ordering options, easy return policies, free delivery, and pocket-friendly cost. So, why to search for other websites when looking for books in India? Some of the websites are not that bigger but are offering very good services just like any big website.

Buying second-hand books is best because:

  • Reused books are very good for our environment since it helps us to save paper.
  • Cheaper than the new one saves money.

Suppose you’re dealing in the used books and have the collection of books that you wish to sell, then there are websites that give you an opportunity of becoming the seller. Besides popular websites like eBay, the following is a list of websites exclusively for purchasing and selling second-hand books online. Let us check out the complete list here:

Best Online Second Hand Books Sites in India

Best Online Second Hand Books Sites in India

1. BookChor


It is an app where you may buy and sell new or used books. They ensure you get what you want. Quality of the book option will range from the brand new, like new, readable and good. You will pay according to the book condition you are keen to buy. One can also sell and donate your second-hand books to make a little space for the new ones. The website delivers all across India with the Free delivery of orders above INR 499. They have the cash in delivery mode too.

2. Clankart


It is one of the most popular websites that sell used books online by the weight & not by the printed cost. You can find some wide range of books on this website at a very good price range.  Although not new, the website claims that all their books are properly checked for the quality as well as are dispatched in the good condition. It is one of the best websites that you must visit and order your books. On this website, besides buying second-hand books you can sell your old books and materials.

3. Kitabay


Third, on our list, is Kitabay and they have all categories of books right from the adventure to thriller and fantasy and leadership books. The best part about buying from this website is they provide free delivery for orders above 300 Rs. When the book gets rented, it will be returned when other books are ordered depending on your subscription pack. And they stock all types of books, so you must definitely try it out.

4. PustakKosh


Students will save over 70% of the costs on this site that helps them to buy, sell and rent second hand books and avail added convenience of the cash-on-delivery mode. Pustakkosh has stocks of books on various subjects from academic books to children’s books on –Biotechnology, Mathematics, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, electronics and chemistry communications among many more.

5. Book Mafia

Book Mafia

Book Mafia list children’s titles, novels, as well as general management books. With every book, they provide free bookmark and many more incentives to the buyer. Here you can find books from almost all authors at a very good price range. They sell old, new and almost all types of books on their portal. You can find all genre of books on this website.

6. Booksbykilo


BooksByKilo is based in Mumbai and offers the best quality of books at a very low rate – they are also sold by weight. You can find all types of books here. BooksByKilo gives very good quality books for book lovers at a very low rate, as they’re priced by the weight. This online platform has a wide variety of books – right from the teen to adult fiction and children’s books.

7. 99bookscart


Last but not the least, 99bookscart most exciting feature is all their books are just available for RS 99!! Thus, you will get hold of many books you want without spending huge money. They provide a free bookmark with each order. They have a wide range of books that will range from the authors like James Patterson, John Grisham, Ian Rankin and they ship across India and they offer free delivery of above RS. 199

8. Quikr


Quikr, one of the most popular internet marketplace has the category for buying & selling old and used books. You can select from the second-hand books that are–gently used, heavily used, and like new. The selection includes a wide range of the books that will range from the used academic textbooks, children’s books, and study materials, many fiction and non-fiction titles or other varieties of the heavily discounted second-hand books, across different price points.

9. Amazon.in


Amazon is the biggest names in internet book shopping. Amazon quickly has become the one-stop-store for buying goods online, and they have got a huge selection of books & e-books. And suppose you are looking for the books for your kids, you can sign up for the Amazon Prime Box & save around 40% on the kid’s titles.

Don’t Stop

What are you waiting for? When you have the list of top 10 best online second-hand books sites in India, buying books online is made simple. Just visit your favourite site and order the books that you want to read and get amazing offers.

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