getAbstract vs Blinkist – Which One is Better in 2024?

getAbstract and Blinkist are two applications offering summaries of the popular books from the famous writers. These summaries include both audio and text. Both GetAbstract and Blinkist give a little insights of the non-fiction books.

GetAbstract and Blinkist are well known services, which summarize the non-fiction books. The typical book may take around 4 – 10 hours to read and listen to. This is the long time to learn something totally new. The book summary services extract the key messages & takeaways from a book and transform this in the shorter versions.

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getAbstract vs blinkist


Features of Blinkist

Blinkist is something like ‘try before buy’ book summary application for the mobile and desktop where you will read and listen to 15minute of summaries of more than 3,000 non-fiction list of books across various categories.

  • Comes with the growing library of the book titles
  • Best bite-sized summaries for popular books
  • No added upsells or costs
  • Unlimited access to the catalog with premium membership
  • Can read on the kindle
  • Capability to highlight some key sections
  • Available offline
  • Can read and listen to audio version

Pricing of Blinkist

  • For accessing Blinkist, you should purchase premium plan that grants an access to each single one of the Blinkist’s summaries. There’re 3 payment choices for its premium plan:
  • The monthly subscription of $15.99 per month.
  • The yearly subscription of 99.99 per year, or $8.34 per month.
  • The group yearly subscription of 10 individuals for just $549 per year and it works to $54.90 per year or $4.58 per month.

Blinkist offers 7day of free trial time that offers you an access to various features of its premium plan. You should give the credit card to get a free trial. Suppose you aren’t well impressed by Blinkist, ensure you cancel before eighth day or credit card can be charged.

Blinkist generally releases many book summaries every month. Till now, they have boasted more than 3,000. Blinkist gives you a chance to analyze the book before buying it. Suppose you are a multi-tasking lot, then you may listen to audiobook using ‘Blink extra.’

Mobile Compatibility & App

Most of the people opt for the book summaries as they are totally fixed on the schedules or do not enjoy the long reads. The app is also compatible with iOS, Android, and Amazon Alexa speaker. Nonetheless, some people complain about this app crashing.

Suppose you try the apps, you must keep in mind that book is what matters in a long run. Meanwhile, you may try establishing if the Blinkist suits your requirements or not.

Customer & Returns Policy

Note you don’t own book summaries, thus in a real sense- you don’t need to return anything. Let’s say that it is highly similar to Netflix. The customer service is available through web and email. THe feature cuts over the board for getAbstract and Audible.


getAbstract is one of the biggest book summary site, having the huge collection of the audiobook that are ideal for the businesses. On the other hand Blinkist, getAbstract is highly flexible in the terms of the product varieties.

Features of getAbstract

GetAbstract tool is laser-focused only on the business-oriented books. This goes deep with more than 20,000+ offerings across 350 categories from the leadership to the corporate culture, which pertains to business. The getabstract’s summaries are very short at 10 min.

  • Come well summarized and narrated
  • More than 20,000 book summaries
  • Unlimited access of audiobooks
  • Ideal for the businesses and teams
  • Book analysis available

Pricing of getAbstract

Starter plan comes at $99 per year for the online access to over 20,000+ summaries. Its $299 per year Pro plan enables you to download ePubs, PDFs, and audio, and send summaries to Kindle.

Its Pro plan includes bonuses like creating the personal channels & audio playlists. The students will get the Starter plan free and Pro plan at $59 per year. You should send the scan of student ID or a different type of student documentation to claim the eligibility.

For everybody else, you may try getAbstract for a week free. Not like Blinkist, you don’t have to provide the credit card to get the deal.

Mobile Compatibility & App

getAbstract’s version is highly compatible with iOS, Android, and PC. There’re small complaints about the malfunctioning, and you can try this out. getAbstract, in an actual, sense targets the huge enterprises, and aiming to provide HR reporting solutions, LM Systems Incorporation, or more. Suppose you have subscribed, get ready for a few key lessons.

getAbstract vs Blinkist

GetAbstract has more than 20,000 titles.Blinkist might have library of just 3,000 titles, but they are assured to have the Audiobook summary.
GetAbstract provides not only eBook and Audiobook summaries but also analysis of books meaning too.Blinkist has got the fantastic range of the top books, and there is not any legacy garbage in the library, each book is their winner.
GetAbstract has the well-created learning stream system, which is tailored for the teams and big businesses.Blinkist is value for money, and its yearly contract costs just $99 that is a bit cheaper
GetAbstract offers customer enterprise solutions to allow the integration of the learning streams in Learning Management Systems (LMS)Blinkist has the free membership and where they will send you one free summary daily

Final Words

Blinkist is made to be used in the short “Blinks” that covers meaningful element from the book. Suppose you have one or two minute to spare, then you can listen to and read the Blink, get a little insight, and move ahead with the day.

Summaries of GetAbstract’s can be presented as a whole document and audio file. The “Take-Aways” section generally acts as the roadmap of ensuing summary, however, it is not always simple to find what you are searching for right away. It is true when you are using an app that needs lots of scrolling.

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