8 Best Apps Like Snapchat With Filters in 2024

Snapchat took the whole world by storm since its launch. In a year’s time, Snapchat boasted their user base of more than 10 million users. Such a rapid rise in its popularity can be attributed to a fact that this app reinvented in a way people communicate, and proving that the ephemeral content has got its place in a chaotic realm of application.

Who thought that any self-destructing content will be such a huge hit? The Snapchat spearheaded this trend, and a lot of apps have followed the suit since then. Many popular messaging applications now have got their own Snapchat Stories version. However, Snapchat inspired the creation of many face filter apps. In this article, you will find the top apps like Snapchat, and some of which provide traditional messaging features whereas others focus on offering unique and fun face filters.

Best Apps Like Snapchat With Filters

10 Best Apps Like Snapchat With Filters

1. Instagram


We all have heard about Instagram & many of us use this app quite often. Actually, around 60% of its users check the Instagram timeline once in a day. There’re more than 121 million Instagrammers as per Statista. Instagram app has 1 billion installs on the Google Play Store.

You can’t deny a fact that Instagram is becoming an informal king in the world of social media. Like Snapchat, one can share their stories & send text and images messages to users. They may post images or videos, comment and like on one posts, and go live.

Yet, it does not have all features of Snapchat. But, these messages can’t be auto-deleted within 24 hours, there is not any feature of maintaining the streaks, and face-filters aren’t much fun as Snapchat.

2. Sweet Snap

Sweet Snap

Like mentioned earlier, Snapchat has made the face filters a top thing. And if you are just looking for the face filter app, make sure you check the Sweet Snap app. More than 100 million users use the app, so that is enough to tell you so much about how best this app is.

Sweet Snap app makes it simple to take selfies & embellish them with some unique filters, beauty effects, and stickers. You will not run out of options, thus get prepared to spend plenty of time sifting over the endless range of the filters and special effects. You can create GIFs if you want.

3. LINE Camera

LINE Camera

LINE Camera Photo Editor app is the best app for professional photo editing. You can download this program & discover the inner potential of an artist! This utility app allows you to create some of the most unique selfies & share real face in social networks. The features include the timer, flash, mirror mode, grid for aligning photos, and various other features that will capture an ideal composition.

You can use filters for making images look very juicy, add favorite memes, captions, and select the font size. Select the brush size and color that you would like to edit, decorate the photos with stickers, or you can share on the social networks.

4. B612


Yet another wonderful app is B612 and it is an amazing application that is used for taking instant selfies. You may tap on the filter and apply on your selfie, and the app remembers what filters you like to use most & selects it for you. One will be able to share pictures or videos with the added network & other applications.

This has over 100 million users. And you can draw effects even when taking the video. This carries the feature of adding music in your photos. So, fun boomerang videos will be played with the pictures.

5. YouCam Perfect

YouCam Perfect

Suppose you want an alternative of Snapchat that will ensure you with the better selfie shot, you can try YouCam Perfect. This app is mainly for Android, where you may modify the pictures to your taste. The wide spectrum of abilities of this software can help to realize your great ideas and fantasies, and correcting images.

There’re many ways to alter your photo. The YouCam Perfect app for Android has got no competitors in the field – it is one highly advanced program, which has taken only the best from the analogs.

6. Wickr Me

Wickr Me

Wickr is a messenger app for iOS and Android that allows you to send volatile messages in a form of pictures, texts, videos, files, and more. Like we all know, it is like the alternative of Snapchat as messages sent on the Wickr are self-destructive & disappear after some minutes. It is claimed that the Wickr app is a highly secure IM available.



SNOW is an instant messenger app with an ability to send cute and funny photos & short videos to users of the service. This app is a type of analog Snapchat, and where users will be able to share the photos & clips that were made through this program & processed with help of a built-in editor.

In this app, you can add smileys, fun stickers, and different labels to its images. It’s important to note that created photo & video materials will be saved on a device, like done in another editor. Or, a typical messenger to send messages with a self-destruct feature for the text & attached files comes to the user.

8. Cluster


Like its name, a Cluster is a group and a mobile application just like Snapchat but it’s highly private. The app is used for sharing videos and photos with your friends and family in a private way. It has more than 100k installs on the Play Store.

Users will be able we create the private groups and where they will share the moments through videos and photos. Nobody besides invited group members will be able to view their posts. The app is not like any other photo-sharing application since it isn’t used to share the images to the public but just the close ones.

Final Words 

So, these are some of the top apps like Snapchat, and all have got different features and functions. It is an amazing job to be so reliable & secure in today’s age of cybercrimes. You can upload straight to social media with these Android apps that make things much easier? So have fun & get snapping, fellas!

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